About Time!!!

How long have we been waiting for the bleeding obvious to make its way into a Parliament – somewhere – anywhere? Times are a chang’n, it seems.

MP attacks Muslim leaders

MUSLIM leaders need to do more to weed out potential local extremists and condemn acts of terror, independent MP Russell Savage said yesterday.

"Like many Australians I am becoming increasingly concerned by some Muslim demands in our society, some of their intolerance of our way of life and for their insincerity in condemning violence and terror," he said.

"We've seen them condemn terrorism after Bali, Spain and after September 11 but we've seen no change in the way they deal with the problems within their own community," he said. "I'm sick of being in a parliament where we know what the problems are but are too scared to do anything about it. We must give the moderate Muslim leaders the ability to deal with their extremists."

Good for you, Russell! Terrific! Someone had to say it! Now let’s watch that weak, simpering, lily-livered Lenny look-alike, the Victorian Liberal State opposition leader, show us his true colours – again:

Opposition Leader Robert Doyle condemned the comments.

"We must not judge the entire Muslim community by the acts of a tiny proportion of fanatics," Mr Doyle said.

Who said anyone was, Boobert, you total and utter FOOL of a man! He’s talking about how the community reacts to those fanatics. How it behaves in the light of their existence. The kinds of things it does and says.

That's the usual knee-jerk defence I’d expect from a Lefty, not the leader of a conservative opposition.

"It is unfair to blame the Muslim community for acts committed by extremists and, in fact, many Victorian Muslim community leaders have strongly condemned acts of terrorism."
Who the hell is? But as far as their strong condemnation, goes, how strong? How consistently? And were they speaking Arabic at the time (I'll bet they weren't)?

Nationals leader Peter Ryan said Mr Savage's comments, made while members of the Islamic community were present, were ill timed.
Crap! Whimp! It’s exactly the kind of statement they need to start hearing from our various ‘leaders’, regularly and often. ‘Behave or get out’. And if they feel unwelcome, that really is fine by me. Happy to see them go, in fact.

Premier Steve Bracks could not be contacted for comment, but in his own condolence speech called for tolerance and multiculturalism to continue to flourish.
Well, Bracks is certainly smarter than Doyle, but not by much. The Liberals in Victoria lost by a landslide last time. But I wonder what happens, exactly, when absolutely no one votes for you at all?

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