Mike Carlton time again

He sure has an obsession with claiming responsibility for Latham's downfall.
NOT long after the last election, I ran into the Prime Minister at the cricket or a dinner or something. To my alarm, he took me warmly by the arm, beaming broadly.

"I have to thank you for that marvellous interview you did with Mark Latham," he chortled.

I don't swear that those were his exact words, but that was the gist of it. The chortling was understandable. The marvellous interview was my 2UE encounter with Latham on March 23 last year, in which the Labor leader, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, announced he wanted to pull Australian troops out of Iraq quick smart.
I do not take any pleasure nor feel any regret in this.
Only in January, Carlton had a different stance:
I FEEL as sick as a parrot, so to speak, for my part in Mark Latham: His Downfall. It was me who devised the wicked ALP policy of bringing the troops back from Iraq by Christmas last year.
So he might no longer feel any regret, but he'll continue to get a fair few column inches out of his "I-kept-Howard-in-power" line. However, the more interesting thing is this:

If Carlton is right, it's even more evidence that moonbats are their own worst enemy. If he's wrong, it's even more evidence that they're self-obsessed exaggerators. Either way is fine by me.

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