Please cut the bullshit

Please, for the love of God, stop with all this bullshit about everyone being so shocked and surprised that the goat molesters involved in the London bombings were actually born in Britain.

It is not a surprise. It is not a shock. It is not even slightly unexpected. Mainly because the fact they were born in Britain HAS NO FUCKING RELEVANCE to the fact they became suicide bombers.

THEY WERE MUSLIMS FOR FUCK’S SAKE! They were a party to a vile and violent death cult that promotes the killing of innocents to further its cause. And anyone who wishes to join this cult can do so. It has nothing to do with where someone is born. That is why they killed themselves along with a lot of innocent civilians. Not because of where they were born but because of what they believed.

So please, enough with the "Oh we are so shocked" crap. Fuck.

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