To preserve and continue civilization

Have you ever heard of anyone trying to hijack and steal from pirates out in the ocean? Do you know why that is the case; common-sense will tell you that if you try to hijack a pirate ship they're not going to let you take their treasures without a fight. They will shoot at you and kill you or worse if given the chance and this is the case whether they are illiterate savages from Somalia or learned ones from further down the coast. The point is that even they know that they must protect their treasures, no matter how they got them, and to do this, they must have both the will and the means. Can the same be said for us, the civilized world? - They sprang into action when pirates tried to board the MSC Melody off the Seychelles on April 25. "Some passengers saw the pirates approaching and sounded the alarm. But the security guard had seen them already. The passengers were taken to their cabins, with lights off," Sarah Longbottom of MSC Cruises said. "Mr and Mrs Rowlands were on the deck. Beryl Rowlands threw deck chairs at them," she said, adding that the ship had about 1000 passengers and 500 crew on board. There were 74 Australians on the ship at the time.
No word on it, but I'd like to think at least a few Aussies were in the group throwing chairs and assorted objects at them. In fact, they'd probably be the ones leading the charge. Yes, if you didn't know already, we are a rough bunch. :) So they fought off pirates with guns, machetes, RPGs etc with lawn chairs and other assorted objects (cutlery?).

According to the news report, these are pensioners, so they are old-school. I remember about a week ago watching a program about a retired cop living in a suburb of Sydney who decided that enough was enough and was cleaning up the streets and standing up to the drunken savages in his neighborhood. I think these old folks are the cream of western civilization, the best we have because while they did not have the means to defend their ship and their neighborhood, they at least had the will to do so. But that is dying out. These folks would probably have escaped the post-modern, post-Christian, post-common-sense, guns=bad, violence=bad, no war, give-peace-a-chance, whitey=racist, western culture=shame, leftist education. The one that also instills cowardice and dependance upon the masses.

If you walk into today's schools or universities with a gun or a knife, no one will throw a book or a chair or a table or a fire-extinguisher at you. Apart from a few of those American learning institutions where gun-nuts are allowed to be you know, gun-nuts, and possibly Texas where they don't take shit from anyone; everyone will be scrambling over each other to get away from you. I remember a few months back reading of police officers who were a liability because they were frightened of their guns. In today's modern world the feisty pensioners above, the Clint Eastwood's of our neighborhood, the "let's roll" crowd on United 93 are the exception.

Todays western world when faced with danger from the barbarians, does not head out there with guns drawn and blades gleaming in the sun to meet the barbarian. We are taught otherwise. We close our doors, we call someone, who will then call someone else to tell them that we are about to get invaded, violated and pillaged; they may call someone else if they are too busy, to see if they are available to go as fast as they can to get to us before the aforementioned invasion, violation and pillaging occurs. If they get there too late, well that's just too bad, they'll try and get you some justice down the track which most of us know won't really happen. Enough of us believe this is progress.

Along the way of curing certain cancers, putting awkward looking objects into space so they can tell us directionally-challenged folks down here to turn left in 400m, making plasma TVs and such, the civilized world parted ways with a reality of this world that has simply been that way from the beginning and always will be. If you cannot defend yourself, then you cannot defend your family, your home, your possessions, your ships, your towns, your cities, your nations, your borders or your very way of life.

We'd better figure this out very soon, before all the advances and progress we have made for ourselves is plundered and pillaged from us.

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