Deficit? Where? Tell Kevin Rudd please

The Australian - ......The Treasurer is promising a "path back to surplus" this morning and relief for struggling pensioners in the budget papers. He is also accepting "full responsibility" for the pain his budget will inflict on some families as the Government prepares to break election promises on maintaining the medicare safety net and superannuation. Budget leaks suggest last year's $22 billion surplus has crashed to a $58 billion deficit as a result of the global recession.
So, it looks like the nation is a bit cash-strapped doesn't it. I mean, $58 Billion is kinda large isn't it, you'd think the clowns leading this nation would think, hey we're in deficit folks, that's not a good thing, so maybe we need to cut our expenses a bit. No, no, oh no folks, we might be $58 Billion dollars in deficit, but we still have money for the following.
The Australian - ......As the Rudd Government prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a suite of anti-people smuggling initiatives, figures revealed the high cost of detaining and processing boatpeople already in detention. According to a question taken on notice by a Senate committee in February, the Government spent $1.7 million in charter flights to and from Christmas Island in the months between October 2 and February 28.

Over the same period, $6500 a day was spent on detention service providers, about $9945 a day on interpreters and $7850 a day on immigration staff costs and allowances. The figures do not include the high costs incurred by Defence in stopping the boats at sea and transporting their passengers to Christmas Island. When calculated over the October-February period, the numbers show authorities spent more than $5.3 million on the 141 people who were in detention as of February 28 - or $38,000 a detainee.
Yep, $38,000 dollars per detainee folks, that's what the taxpayers are coughing up. Heck, some of us don't even make $38,000 in a whole year. I often hear those crying and whining about open borders and all that crap say that Australia is obliged to take in all these people. Obliged? One has to ask, when some of us can't even make that money in a year, when the nation is going further and further into debt, why are we being forced to pay this money.

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