UN now fighting for pedophiles

Otago Daily Times - The [New Zealand] Government is considering a United Nation's Human Rights Committee ruling it breached the rights of a repeat child sex offender in the handling of his parole application. The case taken by lawyer Tony Ellis involves the sentencing of Allan Dean who was handed down a sentence of preventive detention after he put his hand on the crotch of a 13-year-old boy while in a cinema in 1995.

Prior to this he had received 13 convictions for various indecency offences over 40 years and had been warned on two previous occasions that he faced preventive detention. In 1995 he was sentenced to preventive detention with a minimum 10-year non-parole period, Mr Ellis took the case to the UN committee complaining numerous breaches of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Among other things Mr Ellis complained that Dean had been discriminated against because he was a homosexual, that he had not been offered rehabilitation treatment and there was undue delay in the hearing of his appeal.

......The committee said Dean had a long history of offending and had committed the offence for which he received preventive detention within three months of leaving prison for a similar offence. However, the committee did find by a majority that he should have been offered a parole hearing three years earlier than he was in 2005 as the maximum sentence for the offence he committed was seven years.

This was a violation of Dean's right to approach a court for a ruling on the lawfulness of his detention period. The committee said the Government was obliged to offer a remedy for the breach and should respond to the committee within 180 days about what it had done. Mr Ellis said in a statement that the only effective remedy was compensation. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.

Nice one UN, not only can terrorists, tyrants, racists, Jew-haters etc get support from you, but now even homosexual pedophiles can get support. And they call themselves the Human Rights Committee, what about the rights of the kids that this scumbag was fiddling with, oh no, sorry, no room for that at the UN! A pedophile has been wronged, that's more important, this is just terrible, someone has to do something, make it up to the pedophile for his lost freedom, what is this world coming to when a pedophile cannot get some fairness!

Is there any sort of scumbag the United Nations won't fight for? Is it any wonder leftists the world over love this organization and want to submit all of us to the authority of these parasites.

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