Socialist weasels and their bullsh*t

Ninemsn - The government's growing debt burden will be repaid by 2022, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. On Monday, Mr Rudd had told parliament that by 2020 there would be a net debt liability of $75 billion. Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull asked on Tuesday when that debt would be paid off. "I am advised by the Treasury within about two years of that time," Mr Rudd said.
Oh look, those bastards in the media who helped to elect the socialist weasel have climbed out of his rectum temporarily to tell us, not to worry sheeple, our socialist pimp will pay off your debt by the year 2020, go back to sleep sheeple, it'll all be fine, vote Labor, working families, your rights at work etc, etc.

Only a few days ago the socialist weasel masquerading as the prime minister of this country was whining like a petulant turd that the previous conservative government didn't leave enough of a surplus for him to piss away at the first sign of trouble. And now the socialist weasel promises us that the debt will be paid off in 13 years. Only an arrogant socialist weasel has the gall to expect us to believe that this socialist weasel and his fellow parasites will still be around in 13 years to answer when, as expected, they push and shove this fine country even further down the bloody toilet.

I'll tell you one thing though, they won't be in government in 13 years and the debt this socialist weasel created for us (not him) will still be around but, like death, disease and taxes, the socialist weasel and his current gang of worthless parasites will still be suckling at our taxes long into their soft, fat retirement years.

Heavens above, I'm praying that Australia doesn't go down the same road as New Zealand where the life was sucked out of their nation by that leftist scumbag Helen Clarke for over a decade. Please, please wake up Australia and put the boot into the socialist weasel before it's too late.

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