Keep this crap out of Australia - Police have not confirmed reports that the violent home invasion in Alexandra Ave at Westmead was linked to Tamil protests, but the neighbour said the three men who live in the house were Sri Lankan. The man, who did not want to be named, was visibly upset as he described the men as good neighbours. "They were good people, they're not the sort of people who make trouble,'' he said. "I just heard screaming. I'm about to bawl into tears because one of them got hurt real bad.''

Police said a group of four or five men forced their way into the house at midnight, splashing acid-like substance on the faces of two men and stabbing one of them in the abdomen. The house has shattered windows and there are blood splashes on the pavement outside. A broken television and shattered coffee table can be seen through broken front windows. The attacks followed a brawl in western Sydney involving Tamil protesters which left one man in hospital. Police say two carloads of men yesterday assaulted another man who had taken a Tamil flag from them and snapped its pole in half on Railway Pde, Westmead.

The message is simple, Tamils, Sinhalese whatever, this crap happens in Sri Lanka, these people left that place to get away from all that, so please folks, keep this out of Australia. Anyone who's not happy with how things are going over there needs to get on the first plane out of here and piss off. If it were up to me, those 4 or 5 scumbags who did this would be on a fast-track to deportation back to anywhere but here, after they've served jail-time for their crimes.

Australia is one of the few places in this world where we are not fighting and killing each other and we like it that way, there are lots of places on this planet where people kill each other over this and that, if you don't like it here, take your pick, go there and do your best, there.

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