Racist gang, but what race?

The Age - An Indian student was bashed and robbed by a racist gang in front of passengers on a train home on Saturday, adding his name to a growing list of young Indian victims in Melbourne. ......"They asked me for cigarettes. I said I had none, then they said, 'Why the f--- did you come here?' then they were saying 'Kiss my foot' and started kicking me and punching me," he said. "I was crying out for help but nobody would help me. They punched me in the teeth and kept kicking me.

I said take my watch, take my wallet, but there were five or six of them and they kept just beating me." He said the gang, all aged about 16, had got on at Aircraft station near Laverton and jumped off at Hoppers Crossing. Mr Sharma was left covered in blood, with a fractured cheek bone and shattered teeth. He passed out and was taken to hospital. The attack follows a growing number of assaults on Indian students, particularly in the western suburbs. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.

I'm sure that fellow knows and would be happy to tell who beat the crap out of him, but the media outlet in question doesn't want to publish who these racists are. And if you think they'd be holding back if the gang were whiteys, think again, most of you didn't come down in the last shower so you know they most probably aren't white. Hence the reluctance on the part of the media, doesn't quite fit their ideal fantasy that only white people are racist bastards you see.

I also think their refusal to name and shame these scumbags, whatever race they are, is racist in itself. Because if they don't at least name and shame them, it's just a little more difficult to deal with the actual problem, where one race is being targeted by another.

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