Hussein furthers his baby-killing agenda

LifeNews - In a new national survey conducted by the Polling Company for the pro-life organization Americans United for Life, a majority of Americans say they know someone who has had an abortion. A majority of those surveyed also believe that abortion hurts women.
Well that's really swell and all that, but pity enough didn't vote for the other guy back when the election was on. Also remember how Hussein was calling for tolerance and understanding from all sides on murdering the unborn? I'm sure he would have said that he cares for the views of all Americans, well that was then, this is now and the truth is Hussein doesn't give a damn.
LifeNews - President Barack Obama is expected to name his replacement for retiring pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice David Souter. When he makes his nomination, which could come as early as Tuesday, pro-abortion 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Diane Wood has become the front-runner. Wood is one of several pro-abortion judges or political figures observers have placed on Obama's likely short list of candidates. Over the weekend, she appeared to rise to the top of the list.
Her record on abortion, just like Hussein's, should concern those of us who believe that the unborn need to be protected. They might waffle on about rights and how they're concerned, but the reality is much further from the bile they spout.
......Wood ruled against bans on partial-birth abortion in cases involving legislation from Wisconsin and Illinois. She joined the federal court in ruling that Wisconsin's law was unconstitutional under the Supreme Court's first ruling on partial-birth abortions in 2000. Judge Wood also ruled in favor of abortion advocates by allowing them to misuse the RICO law designed to control mob activities to sue pro-life protesters. ......Finally, Wood wrote a dissent in a case concerning an Indiana law requiring counseling and informed consent prior to an abortion.
Yeah, and Hussein is going to lower the number of abortions folks, if you believe that shit, you'll believe anything. And to think Christians actually voted for this fellow. And as for that university that recently polished his ass with some now-worthless degree, all I can say is that, from my understanding of the Lord, he gets really pissed off when those who profess to lead his flock, lead them astray and coddle even those who support the killing of almost-born babies.

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