Call Sheriff Joe on these rascals

Daily Mail - Lax security at an open prison allows inmates to sneak out at night to buy alcohol and drugs, a report found. Prisoners found it 'relatively easy' to leave Ford open prison in Arundel, West Sussex, inspectors found. Only six staff were on duty at night to watch more than 500 mostly white collar criminals on a 100-acre site. Some convicts arranged for drink and other banned items to be left just outside the perimeter for collection, the report found. Last year staff discovered a stash of 30 bottles of vodka. The report said such finds were 'not uncommon'.
And guess who runs Britain, yep, the same type of leftist that's just getting started over in America. What a bloody joke this is, people expect those convicted of crimes to be punished. But this is like some sort of holiday house, booze, drugs, smokes, it's all good. Heck they can even come and go as they please, I'm surprised that many of them don't escape, perhaps the lefties have things so good for them, that it's more comfortable to stay inside the so-called jail.

If you were some thieving scumbag, why would you want to get out, you get free meals, free board, drugs, booze and everything else easily available in jail, so why get out and go to work every day to pay for the upkeep of other vermin.

Bring in Sheriff Joe, put these scumbags into chain gangs, make em' pick up trash, sweep streets, clean toilets and if all that's done and they have nothing else to do, make em' move rocks from one end of the dump to the other and back. The point is that jail is supposed to be punishment, I don't want them stabbed, raped and what not when they're in there, just make them work and work so that when they get out, they'll remember the bad experience in jail and will do what everyone else does to stay out of jail, don't commit crime.

Oh and I think in these tough economic times, we could use the cheap labour.

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