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Times Online - A chief executive at Britain’s biggest speed camera firm was banned from driving for six months today after admitting to travelling at more than 100mph. Tom Riall, 49, a senior executive at Serco, admitted speeding on a dual carriageway near Newmarket in Suffolk. He was apprehended by police officers in a patrol car after they recorded him driving at 102.92mph on the A14 on January 4. ......He apologised at the weekend for breaking the speed limit in his 2.7 litre blue Volvo. "I was travelling from my home to a business meeting on a clear A road and I was unaware of my speed,'' he said.
Save it you sack of crap, as one who has been caught by these wretched things, I'm so glad that this fellow was caught by one of his own devices. Just like the authorities here and I know I speak for thousands of people who have been caught by these bastard-machines, I don't give a rat's ass what his excuses are, don't care for your apologies, won't even give you 10c/p to call someone who gives a damn, get stuffed chump. Suck it in baby, choke it down and I hope that six months really sucks.

In even better news. - AUSTRALIAN special forces troops have killed a senior Taliban commander in Afghanistan in an operation expected to disrupt insurgent activity for some months. Mullah Noorullah and one other insurgent were tracked moving into a tunnel system in the Oruzgan area, where Australian forces are based. They were killed in a targeted operation, defence said.

Noorullah, classed as a senior insurgent commander, was involved in the use of improvised explosive devices and rocket attacks against coalition forces. He was also understood to have been involved in the major battle with Afghan and Australian forces on April 12 in which up to four other insurgents were also killed by Australian soldiers.
Given the skill of our Special Forces, I doubt it was long and painful, but it's nice to imagine it was. So long scumbag, hope paradise turns out to be you tending to incontinent swine, 24/7.

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