Gender-test ought to make us re-think abortion - A TEST that claims to determine the sex of an unborn baby only eight weeks into a pregnancy will be available in pharmacies from today. IntelliGender, the first test of its kind in Australia, claims a 90 per cent accuracy rate in determining whether a baby will be a boy or a girl. Doctors and the anti-abortion lobby, however, fear the test will be used as a means of sex selection and drive up abortion rates.
The other side of the argument is that if one can determine the sex of a fetus at just eight weeks, doesn't this mean that it's not just a blob of tissue. That it's not just a part of a woman's body like her tonsils or something, to do with as she pleases. I mean, do your tonsils have a gender, do they grow into a living thing with its own beating heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc?

Surely this is reason to re-visit and re-evaluate the reasons for abortion. If nothing else, we should at least be saying that if the baby is older than 8 weeks, you can't have an abortion. What else do we need to change our hearts and minds?

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