Clare Werbeloff, the girl who claimed to have witnessed a minor shooting in Sydney's nightclub district and used the word "wog" in the course of her decsription of it has now said that she made it all up and did not witness the shooting at all. She retracted as soon as the police asked her to make a statement. The retraction may however have been because she did not want to get involved in any litigation. Her description had many hallmarks of accuracy.

Her retraction does however seem to have unleashed a remarkable wave of hatred against her:
"Across Facebook, sites are popping up attacking Clare for being racist over her "wog" remarks, and she has been described as a bitch, liar and a moron and with plenty of people saying they want to "Chk Chk Boom" her.

People are saying they would like to take her on, see her get smashed and that she makes them ashamed that this could have happened in Australia...

"The Clare Werbeloff is a liar and a moron" Facebook page had one woman Louise ask: "Why the f*** does my country worship idiots like this? It makes me really sad." Other comments on the site included:

* I agree with all the girls who want to smash her bimbo head in

* I would love to take this bitch on one on one. Aussie vs Aussie racist bitch... Whose out to watch it!!!!

* Clare, i hope you can see this, cause i would love you to know what an absolute f***head i think you are!!!!!!!

* WHITE TRASH... Hope she cops s*** over it now!!


The hatred certainly does no credit to the haters. They display far more hatred in what they say than she ever displayed in what she said. The usual Leftist pattern, of course.

I am rather pleased to see one Sydney newspaper blogger satirizing the haters.

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