The lefties will be thrilled with this news

FOX News - Cuba will reinstate sex-change operations previously banned on the island, President Raul Castro's daughter Mariela said Wednesday. The Health Ministry authorized the operations last year, but none has been performed since. It was unclear when the surgeries would begin. Mariela Castro, a sexologist and gay-rights advocate, announced the return of sex-change procedures in comments aired on state television.

She runs the Center for Sex Education, which prepares transsexuals for sex-change operations and has identified 19 transsexuals it deems ready to undergo the procedure. Castro also said she backs efforts to allow lesbians to be artificially inseminated, a procedure currently barred. .......The government would bear the cost of the operations because Cuba has a universal health care system.
Forget the absence of freedom, tyranny, human rights violations and prisoner abuses that would make Gitmo look like the Ritz, lefties now have something other than their beloved terrorist scumbag, Che, to admire about Cuba. Never mind that a Communist hellhole like Cuba has more important things to spend its meager wealth on than sex-changes for confused fairies. Lefties will be so pleased that Larry can finally become Lucy and then back to Larry when she gets bored or perhaps Barack or Hugo and then something in between when that novelty wears off too.

And to top it all off, the tab is picked up by the Cuban taxpayer, yay! I can just picture lefties doing their hippie-dance and lighting up another 'bong' when they read about this. You see, nothing excites lifelong parasites like adding another perverted burden to their tired and dying hosts.

I have a feeling even more Cubans are going to take their chances with the sharks on their way to America than subsidize the indulgences of the local fairies.

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