Must not speak ill of prostitutes??

Some Australian news:
"The Salvation Army has apologised over an advertisement published in newspapers on Friday which has outraged sex workers.

The Australian sex workers association, the Scarlet Alliance, was protesting over the Salvos' ad in newspapers that drew attention to its rehabilitation efforts. The ad told the story of 'Rick', saying, "To get Rick out of prostitution, we had to resort to smuggling.''

Scarlet Alliance president Elena Jeffreys said the Salvation Army had exploited the sex worker involved and was encouraging community discrimination against legal prostitution. "The Salvation Army has shamefully chosen to capitalise on stigma against sex workers in its advertising for their Shield doorknock,'' Ms Jeffreys, who was allowed to speak at the event, said before the apology was announced.


It seems that nothing is wrong any more. Will discrimination against pedophiles be outlawed next? I think I might live to see it. I can hear it now: The pedophile was born that way. He can't help it. It's a medical problem, not a criminal one. And then after a while it won't even be a medical problem and we might even see "Pedophile Pride" marches in our streets.

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