You’ll love this economic downturn!

The Age - ......The latest accounts of Greenpeace Australia Pacific show it has slumped into the red after a big jump in personnel expenses. The company suffered a $1.5 million turnaround, losing $193,992 and ringing up a $438,475 deficit on the operating cash-flow front. ......The personnel costs take a decent chunk of money raised from Greenpeace's supporter base, which, over time, has been falling alarmingly. Six years ago the outfit had nearly 130,000 supporters but the latest accounts said the base was "approximately" 100,000.

Greenpeace recently copped flak for "auto-upgrading" some regular donations, without specific permission from contributors. ......Travel looked to have soaked up a pretty penny, with Greenpeace personnel visiting Tokyo, Niue, Pohnpei, South Korea, Poland and Papua New Guinea, while Greenpeace vessel MV Esperanza toured seven east-coast Australian cities and treated more than 5000 visitors to its take on climate change. Hat tip Andrew Bolt.

Travel ey, funny that, now don't think that these wankers were busying swimming or rowing paddle boats to Tokyo and Poland. No, no folks, they were most likely flying on those nasty carbon-emitting planes. The very 'bastard' planes they would have demanded that we peasants don't use, because you know, the planet is frying to a well-done crisp because of us.

Well, here's to hoping things don't get any better for this rabble of eco-terrorists, communists and human-hating scum.

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