Those tolerant, welcoming, diverse lefties

FOX News - If you've been booed, hissed, heckled or hollered at ... scathed, scapegoated, scanted or screamed at ... if you're the bane of blue states and a gall to all the Greens ... you may be feeling lonely, but you're certainly not alone. Author Harry Stein has written a book for the elephant in the room. It's called "I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican," and he calls it "a survival guide for conservatives marooned among the angry, smug, and terminally self-righteous."

Which is to say: liberals.

"You deal with a lot of people who pretty much hate your guts" simply because you disagree with them, says Stein, who lives in a suburban liberal enclave a few miles north of Manhattan, which generally shades a deeper blue than the rivers that surround it. ......"I sat down with a bunch of conservatives in San Francisco, (including) a gay man who was talking about what it was like being a gay conservative in San Francisco. He said it's a lot harder being conservative than it is to be gay," Stein told "His friends all turned on him."

To avoid that kind of reception, some secret right-wingers take the extra step of pretending to be in lock-step with those around them. One studio executive he interviewed posted Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama signs around his office, depending won which way the political winds were blowing during the presidential campaign. Advertising his actual beliefs would have been deadly, Stein says.

"People out there understand that those positions are really dangerous -- they jeopardize your livelihood. We'll see if I survive the book," he told "My car was keyed once already during the campaign (because of a bumper sticker), so we have contingency plans for hiding it over the next few months."

Yeah, they like to bray about tolerance and diversity, but that's just lies and bull, a clever facade used to deceive the public. At heart lefties are cowards, bullies, racist and are intolerant and fascist ratbags if you ask me.

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