Like pigs at the trough!

Ninemsn - A delegation led by NSW Finance Minister Joe Tripodi racked up a $290,000 bill on an international trip while spruiking the state's power assets to potential investors. The group ran up the estimated bill on the 27-day jaunt, which the opposition claims is the most costly ministerial trip in the Labor government's history.

Between them, the seven-strong delegation spent $170,000 of taxpayers' money on flights and $48,000 on road and rail expenses. Accommodation and meals came to $69,000 and there was $3,000 worth of administration and miscellaneous costs, documents released by Mr Tripodi's office reveal. Image from Google.

This is the perfect example folks of the polli pig, gorging itself at the public trough. When you realize that it's your taxes that this fat sack of crap was having a holiday on, disgust and anger are the least you feel. Seven of them burned through $290,000 of taxpayers money, just like that. How this sack of crap and his fellow swine are still in their jobs today is testament to the contempt and disrespect the lefties running this state into the toilet have for us.

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