Baby P denied protection, life and now justice

Remember baby P, he was the little baby boy killed in August 2007, found dead in his blood-spattered cot. The courts finally weaseled round to sentencing the scumbags that killed him.
Daily Mail - Baby P's mother was jailed indefinitely today and told she would serve at least five years for causing or allowing her son's brutal death. And his sadistic 'stepfather' was jailed for life at the Old Bailey after a violent campaign of abuse against the little boy and the rape of a two-year-old girl. ......blah.......blah
It seems the media here and in Britain go to the same blasted school where they're taught over and over how to become stupid or something. They constantly waffle on about 'life' sentences, but it's bullsh*t, it never is life and unless they've got small stones in their skulls instead of brains, they'd know this.
The 32-year-old stepfather, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was told by Judge Stephen Kramer he would serve a minimum of 10 years. This will run concurrently with a sentence of 12 years for his part in Baby P's death.
Apparently the bitch will be eligible to apply for parole in 2012, I doubt very much that she'll be granted parole then, but I also doubt very much that they'll keep her locked away for life. As for the other piece of shit, he'll be eligible a few years after that, they might keep him in the hole for a few more years after that, but I think it's pretty much a given that he'll also be let out onto the streets to suckle welfare off the British taxpayer for the rest of his worthless life.

Little baby Peter was found with 40-50 injuries, bite marks, missing finger nails and worst of all, they broke his little back. And the best the British justice system could do is a lousy 12 years in the slammer for the murder of one of their most vulnerable, their most precious. And you can be certain these scumbags will never be named and they'll be protected in jail from other inmates. The leftist government of Britain takes the human-rights of all sorts of scumbags very seriously. A merciful punishment would have been two in the back of the head at the back of the court after the verdicts, but then we live in such enlightened times don't we. *spit*

I remember reading a while ago about an incident somewhere in Australia, apparently some pedophile raped a little girl in a country town and the similarly piss-weak joke we call the justice system out here sentenced the scumbag to 3 and a half years. As you'd expect the town folk weren't too happy about it and coincidentally the pedophile's home caught fire somehow and burnt to the ground. Too bad he wasn't in it at the time.

From what I know, no one was charged or admitted to doing it, so I'm putting it down as our first case of spontaneous combustion. Maybe this phenomenon is not restricted to Australia.

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