Security in Australia continues to be a joke - ACTIVISTS have made a mockery of Parliament House security by hanging an anti-Budget banner across the building's facade, moments after disrupting a televised speech by Treasurer Wayne Swan. ......Two male protesters abseiled down the front wall and strung an eight-metre-long horizontal banner with the words "carbon budget blowout" below the national coat-of-arms that sits atop the parliament.

The abseilers had got up to the roof of the parliamentary building by walking up its grassed sides. AFP officers could only stand at the bottom of the ropes as they waited for the men to come down. Eventually, after about 20 minutes, the men came down and all eight protesters, including the women, were detained and questioned by police. They were released a short time ago.
This is like the incident a few months ago at Sydney airport where a fellow was bashed to death and no security was on hand to intervene or had to just stand around kicking stones waiting for the criminals to get tired or something. In another incident, that ought to wake us up on a personal level.
SMH - A police officer may have sat bleeding in a Kings Cross bus shelter for more than an hour before her colleagues found her, police say. The 34-year-old sergeant with Kings Cross police was viciously bashed on her way to work between 5.30am and 6.40am today. Police believe she was walking in plain clothes through or near Arthur Park on Craigend Street when she was attacked. It is also believed she was robbed during the attack, which left her with severe head injuries, including a large cut.
In case you were wondering, no she wasn't armed. You see, in our infinite wisdom, preventing her or any of the other people bashed and beaten from carrying anything to protect themselves against criminals apparently makes them much, much safer. Yeah, go figure.

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