Of hysterical, self-centered drama queens

News.com.au - KATHERINE Dalton was a model with sexy curves, a perfect pout and long, blonde hair. She was in big demand.

But apparently not in enough demand. It's just not enough for some you see.

Beneath her beauty though lay a secret which had troubled her from an early age - she felt she was a man and found herself attracted to girls rather than guys.

Naturally, the answer is to change her sex and so she did.

Katherine is now Adrian after a sex change operation. He works for an investment firm and wants to travel and live in Australia.

But even that is not enough.

Adrian now though says he is gay. “I used to be attracted to women in my teens but I now consider myself gay."

I wonder what's next, back to being straight, then gay again, bi maybe? I doubt it'll be enough though. Moving on to the next one.

News.com.au - AUSTRALIA has more ambitious carbon reduction targets than the United States, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says. In response to heckling from Labor speechwriter Bob Ellis, Senator Wong said the Rudd Government has more ambitious targets than US President Barack Obama.

Even more than the big ol' USA folks, yes Australia, you must lead the way, death to carbon, down with carbon, carbon must die. The hysterical clown doesn't say whether it'll make a skerrick of difference though because you see, it won't. Even if we bastard humans are frying the planet and angering the leftist gods of gaia and satan, even if Australia bans electricity, drives our cars, planes etc into the sea and abandons our cities for caves and early-man savagery we still can't change the weather.

But that doesn't matter to a stupid, hysterical drama queen looking for attention. But having said all this and after all the chest-beating, the reality is that even this is a lie.

The Rudd Government has delayed its emissions trading scheme for a year until 2011, but it is open to 25 per cent cuts to carbon pollution by 2020 subject to an international agreement.

So the mass-murdering carbon can wait a year apparently, the situation isn't quite as dire. The planet isn't frying as you read this, the seas aren't rising towards the window sills as all the morons were braying and caterwauling, it can all wait at least a year apparently.

Even the bit about having bigger ambitions that President Hussein is bullsh*t, note the last part, it's subject to an international agreement. For the stupid leftist clowns reading this, that means if the world doesn't quite agree with the aforementioned hysterical clown, there go the more-than-Hussein targets, up in smoke.

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