Let the monkey dance

FOX News - North Korea vowed Friday to bolster its atomic arsenal in response to what it called Washington's "hostile" policy, even as a special envoy for President Barack Obama traveled to the region in a bid to draw Pyongyang back to nuclear negotiations. Envoy Stephen Bosworth, in Beijing before heading Friday to South Korea, said the U.S. is ready and willing to talk directly with Pyongyang. "The United States reiterates its desire to engage both multilaterally and bilaterally with North Korea," Bosworth told reporters after holding talks with senior Chinese officials Thursday. "We believe very strongly that the solution to the tensions and problems of the area now lies in dialogue and negotiation."
Only a stupid leftist will do the same thing over and over and over and over and expect different results. Bush tried talking, everyone tried talking, didn't work, so what is Hussein going to do, yep, more talking.

North Korea will continue on it's merry way because they know that the toothless western clowns can't stop them, they are too piss-weak to even try. All they ever do is talk, talk, and bloody talk. In all honesty, I wish they'd bloody get along with it and tell this special envoy moron to just piss off home. This Bosworth's clown expedition is a waste of American taxpayers money that will achieve sweet bugger-all, apart from confirming to the nasties in that part of the world that Hussein is exactly what he's been promising he was, a toothless leftist clown.

But the likes of China, Iran, North Korea etc won't even do us that favor, because to them it's like a bit of entertainment. Some of them might be a bit nervous, when they hear of the "special" envoy and all that crap, but the more experienced will reassure them, 'don't worry chaps, we've seen all this before, let the monkey come and dance around, it's not going to do anything and we might even get something out of it for free'.

I remember a while ago, our own prime minister announced boldly to the world that he would set up a nuclear disarmament body, to you know, rid the world of nukes. At the time the media dutifully swallowed it all whilst spit-polishing his ass and perhaps some around the world got a bit nervous. But not those who have experience with western fools prattling on to their respective useful idiots. No one reacted angrily or anything, it was just another, 'let the monkey dance, it's fun to watch and maybe there's something in it for us'. No one knows what's happened to this waste of space 'body' and no one cares or wants to. In a way it's a good thing because it'll only highlight how useless and impotent we really are.

Six - seven years ago, America was kicking ass all over the show in the Muslim world. At the time many, many useful idiots in the western world screamed and cried at America for actually doing what they often fantasized about. Today the clown leading America is looking for a place in the Muslim world where he can apologize to them for actually 'freeing' some of their brothers from the grasp of murderous tyrants. When he's not screwing over the very means that allowed his country to do this that is. So to a North Korea and Iran and all the other gangsters of this world, all the talk of negotiations and talks about talks about more talks translates to, 'carry on boys, let the monkey dance, it's fun to watch and you never know we might even get the monkey to give up his sticks first. The monkey is after all, a monkey.'

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