The Solution is Clear

Ever since the current crisis in the Middle East erupted many of the world's leaders, most notably the European variety, have been howling like mad dogs over the so-called disproportionate Israeli response. They are also calling on Israel to enter into negotiations.

First of all what is disproportionate? What would the Europeans have the Israelis do? Should the IDF have simply fired a few shots across the border with a warning to not do that again? Should the Israeli government have immediately engaged in a prisoner exchange with both Hamas and Hezbollah as Muqtedar Kahn suggested? Not likely. The most realistic option is the one currently taken. Two terrorist groups violated Israeli territory and kidnapped military personnel not to mention killing others. Lebanon has been warned repeatedly by the world community to banish Hezbollah from its soil. They refused. So now Israel will do it for them. The Israelis have every right to live in peace and not be terrorized by scum suckers like Hezbollah. The plan is simple, create a large enough buffer zone so that those crude point and shoot Katyusha rockets are out of range.

For the sake of argument let's imagine a hypothetical situation. Let's suppose that a rogue group of French dissidents living in Spain continued to launch attacks against France. They engage in suicide bombings, rockets attacks etc. Despite the protestations of France, the government of Spain does nothing to discourage or deter the group. In fact, Spanish authorities allow them to do whatever they wish free from interference or prosecution. One day the dissidents escalate their tactics by entering French territory killing a number of military personnel while kidnapping others. They then scoot across the border to the safety of Spain. You don't think for one moment that the French wouldn't have a military response?

Secondly, just who would the Europeans have the Israelis negotiate with? Lebanon? Yeah sure. These guys couldn't or wouldn't rid their soil of Hezbollah in the first place which led to the current trouble. Besides the Lebanese government is nothing but a puppet administration of the Syrians. Does that mean Israel should negotiate with the Syrians? I'm afraid Syria wouldn't stop espousing their pathological hatred of Israel long enough to actually hear anything the Israelis say anyway. The same can be said for the Iranians. Who is left? The terrorists themselves? Fat chance. If Israel has made one thing perfectly clear it is they will not negotiate with terrorists.

The solution is clear. Hezbollah must lay down their arms, return the kidnapped soldiers and vacate Lebanon. Anything else won't do.

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