Turn up the heat

Funny thing that, the intense heat from powerful bombs and the pain of shrapnel in your buttocks can have a surprisingly calming effect on some who were talking tough and making empty threats only a few days ago.
One week after the humiliation it suffered in a Hezbollah cross-border raid in which eight soldiers were killed and two captured, Israel senses one of its major military and political victories is within reach.

The stunning campaign it has waged against Hezbollah has reportedly brought the militia to a point where it is willing to discuss Israel's major demand - that it pull back several kilometres from the Israeli border, perhaps to the Litani River.

Reports from Beirut yesterday said that Hezbollah officials had declared readiness to discuss the pullback proposal as well as a ceasefire with Israel but were not willing to discuss Israel's demand that it disarm.
I wonder if any of this would have been possible if the world had joined camp yellow, with Russia, France and other soft spined groups, manning the white flag and squeaking about 'disproportionate' force. What the hell did they expect, the Israelis to ground their planes, dismount from their tanks and stroll into Lebanon to hand out court appearance notices and fines!!

Now the Israelis need to keep the pressure on, till Hezbollah return their two soldiers and relinquish their arms, then only will a difficult and painful lesson be fully learnt.

I only hope the Lebanese have learnt that they need to take out the trash first, otherwise it'll take them another decade to rebuild their lives and country, only to have it all trashed again by these terrorist vermin.

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