Chirac a conservative?

I'm surprised too, heaven help the French if he is a conservative, I wonder what the leftists are like if Chirac is a conservative.
France's next president could live in a Paris apartment rather than the official Elysee Palace, walk to work every day and draw from his experience in organising music festivals when setting out policies.

Socialist Jack Lang said be would remain a Frenchman like any other if he was elected next year, vowing to add a more modest touch to what had become a "sacrilegious" post under conservative President Jacques Chirac.

"I will live like a normal citizen," said Lang, sitting in his large office by the Place des Vosges square, one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Paris, where the former culture minister also has an apartment.

In the Socialists' 2007 electoral programme, which Lang said included many of his proposals, the party has vowed to raise the minimum wage, halve the unemployment rate and allow gay couples to get married and adopt children.
All this, from someone whose experience in organising a music festival is going to help him formulate official policy.
Lang said one of his first acts as president would be to "tour Europe to return confidence to other countries which have sometimes been treated badly" by Chirac's government.
I have noted that he did not promise to backpack, to cut costs, bring modesty and get in touch with the peasants, across Europe on this quest to appease the rest of Eurabia and I think it's safe to say the voters have also noted this.

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