Blasted Imperialists

I'll bet, a majority of Zimbabweans would be most happy to be colonised by some European colonialists, they have a better chance of having food put on the table and probably a whole lot more freedom than what they currently enjoy.
President Robert Mugabe opened a new legislative year on Tuesday with a low key speech to Parliament, blaming economic problems on Britain and other western critics of his human rights record.

"My tribute goes to the gallant people of Zimbabwe for continuing to exhibit great fortitude despite the prevailing economic challenges [and the aging lunatic in charge] which are orchestrated by the country's detractors," the 82 year-old head of state told legislators.

Zimbabwe is in a state of economic collapse, suffering from the world's highest inflation rate - more than 1 000 percent - and shortages of all basic goods. More than four million of the 16 million population have emigrated since 2000 and millions of those left behind are dependent on aid.

"We note with concern the continued imposition of illegal sanctions by the European Union and the United States of America at the behest of our erstwhile colonisers," said Mugabe, in reference to Britain.

"We feel proud that we have defeated that strategy that was aimed at the collapse of our economy and the happening of regime change."
Mugabe sounds like a moonbat/leftist; if you keep repeating the same thing over and over eventually you’ll believe it. For more insanity.
Zimbabweans faced with hunger, joblessness, the world's highest inflation rate and shortages of every basic commodity ease their burden with jokes, often spread by e-mail or cellphone text messages in a country where laughter at the president's expense is a felony.

Parliament next month will debate proposals to give the secret police extraordinary powers to intercept, read or listen to the mail, email, telephone or cellphone communications of any of its citizens without the approval of any court.

The government denies any sinister intent, saying the goal is to get its anti-terrorism legislation in line with international practice.
Oh yeah, Hezbollah and Hamas have got their eyes dead set on good ol’ Rhodesia, lest the International Community lets those wicked Jews beat the living tripe out of them.

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