In Andrew Bolt's [bane of the left] July 10 forum, we were treated to this, regarding the thousands of the 'Stolen' generation.
From: Mr. Bruce
Comment: I live in Mullumbimby and I believe I could introduce you to some of the aboriginal members of the "stolen" generation who just so happen to live in this area. Over the next week or so I will ask them for permission to give you there names. Bruce

Andrew replies: Please also send the proof that they were stolen for racist reasons. I hate to sound sceptical, but so very many such names turned out to be of children who were not in fact stolen at all. If you don't send those promised names after all, I'll understand.
I did a quick search on his subsequent forums, searching for 'Mr. Bruce', 'Mullum*' and 'Stolen'. Nothing so far, we await with baited breath, thankfully Andrew is very understanding.

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