These bastards are going to cost us our civilisation

The following is an excerpt from a brilliant post by Fjordman at , part of a series in which he discusses the islamisation of Europe. (bold mine):

"The incident is part of a broader trend of re-writing history. Partly because of immigration, the British government appointed a commission on the future of multiethnic Britain. It concluded that “Britishness” had “systematic, largely unspoken, racial connotations.” The report said Britain should be formally “recognized as a multicultural society” whose history must be “revised, rethought, or jettisoned.”

Of course--in order to create the brave new world the left and their multiculti intellectual shock troops envision, history much be re-shaped to fit the image they have in mind. National pride must be subverted to the Greater Good of the brave new world of the borderless bureaucratic paradise. The part of history they intend to jettison will no doubt include Britain's part in ending the slave trade (fighting Arabs to do so, incidentally), Britains part in standing against totalitarian ideologies, in bringing the rule of law and parliamentary democracy to the cultural hellholes the left admires so much. The list goes on, but any intelligent reader knows that list. Only lefties will need reminding.
The object here is no less than to destroy an entire culture.

"In the European Parliament, the German Christian Democrat Hans-Gert Pöttering stated that school textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam by experts overseen by the European Union and Islamic leaders. He said textbooks should be checked to ensure they promoted European values without propagating religious stereotypes or prejudice. He also suggested that the EU could co-operate with the 56-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference to create a textbook review committee.
Mr Pöttering, the head of the centre-Right, but largely federalist European People's Party, said the work of building bridges between Islam and the West had to "begin with young people".

You bet he believes it has to begin with young people--that way there will be a pliant, already half-brainwashed population ignorant of real history for lefty teachers to indoctrinate. And the projected involvement of the Organisation of Islamic Conference will not only have the "right" of veto over textbooks, they'll be able to substitute their own religous stereotypes and prejudice for those of the West.

Timothy Garton Ash is considered a world-class expert on Europe’s future, and he refers frequently to his participation in glamorous-sounding international conferences. Bruce Bawer notes that Europe’s political élite has become extremely insulated from the people, and unwilling to address the problems that people are worried about. He thinks Garton Ash is typical of this élite. He distrusts national patriotism but adores the EU, writing about the need for a factitious European patriotism (“flags, symbols, a European anthem we can sing”) to encourage “emotional identification with European institutions.” Why does Europe need an EU? Garton Ash’s answer: “To prevent our falling back into the bad old ways of war and European barbarism.” Among his suggestions is that Europe encourage “the formation of an Arab Union.” He makes no mention of Arab democracy. Imagining “Europe in 2025 at its possible best,” he pictures it as a “partnership” with Arab countries and Russia that would extend “from Marrakesh, via Cairo, Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Tbilisi, all the way to Vladivostok.” But still, people claim that Eurabia is a conspiracy theory…

Right--so apparently any "barbarism" is ok, provided it's not European barbarism. Clitorectomies, stoning to death for adultery, sawing off heads, rape and bludgeoning babies to death will be just fine in the new Eurabia.

Just don't mention the Enlightenment or Magna Carta, ok?

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