It's about bloody time!

(This is a cross-posting of an article by Michael Cooper)

Now that Israel has finally struck back against the Islamists who have been trying to destroy it for decades, it's time for another one of my always spot-on predictions:

Sooner rather than later, some leftist piece of shit in the media (or some terrorist sympathizer in America) is going to say something along the lines of "If the Arab world wasn't united against Israel before, they are now" or "Israel has given even moderate Muslims a common enemy" (or some other bullshit line).

Why is this important? Because it's almost identical to the fabricated argument that America has "lost" the good will of the rest of the world because of our actions since 9/11. The truth is that the Islamists have ALWAYS been united against America, Israel, and everybody else. What Israel is now doing is making the world put its cards on the table. Now countries are forced into showing their TRUE colors. For decades, Israel has had to endure Islamist shitbags murdering, kidnapping, and torturing their citizens while the rest of the Arab world giggles, feigns outrage, and condemns "the violence on both sides."

Israel has now proven beyond any shadow of a doubt is that negotiations and appeasement are abysmal failures, especially when dealing with Islamist apes. Every thing that the Palestinians have claimed they wanted had been given to them by Israel. Israel gave back Gaza (even using military force to remove fellow Israelis). What happened? Did we get a peaceful Palestinian state? Did the Palestinians show us how "civilized" they are? Anyone with a functioning brain stem already knows the answer to that (so that leaves you leftist traitors out in the dark).

For you liberal douchebags out there, I'll spoon feed you the answer, like Michael Moore and Air America spoon feed you all of your other opinions. After the Israelis left Gaza, it became what can best be understood by watching the ending scene in "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes." Instead of gorillas, it was Arabs (their close cousins) jumping around, setting fire to everything in sight, and destroying any semblance of civilization. They smashed and burned and killed and eventually fired rockets into Israel every fucking day for weeks on end. Now they're whining that they have to live with the mess that they created themselves. Well boo fucking hoo. The same goes for the so-called "Americans" living in Lebanon (who everybody knows support the terrorists and now have to reap what they've sewn).

So now that Israel has (finally) started to fight back, you liberals will have to get used to the fact that the blood of the Lebanese civilians is on YOUR hands. You allowed the Islamists to attack and kill Jews, and you did nothing but make excuses for them. It's like when a leftist pedophile judge lets a convicted child molester or sex offender go free (and he ends up raping and murdering another child like you wanted). And unlike America, the Israelis are going to fight until the bitter end. This is not going to be pretty.

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