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Just heard on the radio, the ferry chartered to rescue Aussies from Lebanon may have been commandeered by the UN, but its not confirmed.


Just listening to a correspondent (Peter Harvey) on radio 2GB, apparently a lot of the Katyusha rockets are launched from around hospitals, schools and amongst civillian homes in Lebanon.

The Israeli's are doing their damn best to pin point the katyusha lauch sites and, apparently the Israeli response time is around 2 and a half minutes from the time a Katyusha rocket is launched. Apparently its like the doors of hell are being opened.

This is funny

Tuesday night, IAF planes showered southern Lebanon with flyers making fun of Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah and calling on him to come out of hiding.

Don't hold you breath guys, he's only good for firing the odd rocket and running away to whine about the retaliatory strike.

Sorry - nothing more on the ferry situation.

17:30 Update - Just heard on the news, the ferry has been double booked and will not be picking up the Aussies

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