Holocaust II

The Middle East actually knows all about the Holocaust. Apart from those who would like to bring on another one, with Israel under the knife (again), there are those nations that have experienced it first hand.

Well, one in particular. The very one certain criminally stupid ‘think’ing idiots from the Left continue to label a disaster, a quagmire, an illegal war, a lie (etc, etc, etc).

Well, ‘think’ again, if you have the moral fibre to do so (which I sincerely doubt). The reasons for going to war in Iraq were many (and they were all expressed, for those who bothered to listen, and still out there in the public domain for those with the honesty to go back and look). The question of WMD, and the fact that we simply did not know what Saddam did or did not have, was but one facet. As far as I (and Australia’s Prime Minister) was concerned, however, the following illustrates one of, if not the most important reason the West went into Iraq:

Horrors of Iraq's mass graves

Jews were victims of Nazi oppression and "ethnic cleansing" the result of which was the extermination of over five million Jews. By perpetrating such a heinous crime Hitler engraved his name in history as one of the most notorious criminals who immersed himself in the blood of innocent people... We are not going to dispute that. In fact, we, more than anybody can fully grasp the agony of the holocaust. We have had a first hand experience with the very same horrors. Freshly dug mass graves bare witness to the plight of the Shias. They have been subjected to a systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder. Iraq has once again revived those shocking memories.

When Iraqi refugees return to their homeland, they no longer have hope of finding their loved ones. Any such hope has disappeared except for a very few hopefuls who dread the bitter reality of loss. The only hope that still exists in the hearts of expatriates is finding the burial site of their relatives. Perhaps also some identifiable remains.

The search for those remains has become a daily chore for thousands of Iraqis today. New mass graves are discovered almost on a daily basis. Some sites contain tens of thousands of bodies, while some are just too swarming with human remains littered on top of each other that no one bothers to keep a head count. The bare bones, broken skulls, cuffed hands and scraps of clothing tell a horrifying story. Many skeletons belong to women, some even to young children. The scene is nothing short of horrendous, and the sorrow of loved ones is utterly inexpressible.

Mass graves have been found in almost every major province. Some of them are group specific (one has been found to house Dawa party members and another one for Islamic Action Organization adherents). Some are age specific. Even the children were not spared.

We must endeavor to permanently imprint the memory of those killed by Saddam and his regime in the hearts and minds of generations to come in order to prevent such human catastrophes from being repeated.

Official Iraqi documents recovered after the fall of Saddam regime suggest a staggering 5 million executions were made during Bath era alone. Over 10 million were also imprisoned. They were all Shias save a small percentage of Kurds. It is also very interesting to note that after the 1991 Shia uprising over 300,000 were killed or captured never to be seen again, but there were no injured. Under Saddam, people were either killed instantly or killed in mass executions soon after.
This is what most of Europe and the Left wanted, no, demanded we allow to continue. This is what the Left thought it best left alone. This is what the Left stood for when it came to Iraq. This is what Bush, Blair, Howard and the other leaders of the Coalition of the Willing have been condemned in the most vicious terms for bringing to an end. And this is what the Left abuse us for to this day.

And this is just one small sample of precisely what it was we put our moral balls on the line to stop:

Remember these images the very next time some corrupt little spite-filled Leftist tries to tell you how wrong we were; how this was the wrong war at the wrong time; that we went to war on a lie.

Because this is certainly why Australia went to war in Iraq.

And this is the real question: Bringing an end to the evil regime that committed 5 million murders was the wrong war at the wrong time?

Only a Leftist could think so.

We, all of the countries involved in stopping this vile mass murder, are carrying the rest of the world’s (and certainly the Left’s) moral bags.

And to those who continue to abuse us for it to this day, I say: f--k you; f--k you very much.

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