I know its a few days old

But I am getting the feeling that, those in charge, are no longer in touch with reality. It seems as if they don't really consider this fellow guilty of seven murders, they seem to think, oh the courts found him guilty, we don't really think so, but we'll just do our jobs.

As if this scumbags guilt or innocence is a matter of public opinion, it depends on who can debate the best, we all need to vote on it, or better yet one of those online polls.
Backpacker murderer Ivan Milat has had his television and sandwich maker returned to his cell despite widespread opposition.

A review of the reward system at the Goulburn "super max" jail, conducted by Department of Corrective Services chief psychologist Anne Young, has since found the rewarding of hardened criminals should continue, the Daily Telegraph reported.

"Her recommendations are that the privilege program be continued as a management tool to protect staff and to assist in the good running and safe management of high-risk inmates," a corrective services spokeswoman told the paper.
"Ivan Milat's TV and toaster are considered a privilege and are being returned to him. If Milat behaves himself he keeps them until he dies in jail. If he does not behave he loses them."
I heard on the radio this morning, a writer to one of the newspapers saying that prison is about rehabilitation and punishment, we can't treat them inhumanely and if we do [boo-hoo] we are no better than a 'Milat'. The writer also went on to tell the victim's families that it might be best if they forgave and forgot.

So this is the society that we live in now, a murder demands a toaster and TV, or else.. we then lose all spinal strength, in our bid for non-mean law enforcement, and succumb to their demands, I wonder where does Young draw the line, cable TV, blender, electric blanket, heater, gourmet meals, Ugh boots, since he is bored, how about some 'recreational/designer' drugs.

Next Anne Young will be telling us, our dear inmate Milat has a penchant for Bentley's, it might be best if you NSW suckers taxpayers reach into your pockets and sponsor a Bentley for Milat, or else..

Personally I’d love to offer this to Milat, alright murder-boy, you have a mattress and a blanket, misbehave, or I’ll put you in a cold room with neither, far away from all till you figure out a way to behave.

I would not be surprised to hear in a few years some, some paper pusher with clipboards and flow charts starts telling us, how can we rehabilitate if we never let him out.

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