A letter to Mr Lefty

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, the comment threads on this blog tend to be frequented by a sour chap calling himself "Mr. Lefty". He has his own blog but I guess no-one reads it so he whines here. Another reader of the blog has got a bit fed up with him and has written a letter to him that I am pleased to post below. I do not agree with everything below but I think he makes some good points

No one on this planet has given me a clearer insight into the minds of leftists than Theodore Kaczynsky in his brilliant "Unabomber's Manifesto." Yet it still amazes me that in this day and age, seemingly normal people of at least average intelligence can actually embrace socialism, or any form of it when history has shown us that any country that goes down this path has also gone, or is going down the tubes of cultural and economic suicide. Someone once said. "Leftists of modern times have lost their power of rational, objective analysis. They are seldom realistic or pragmatic. There is a lot of grey area but these gentlemen view in only black or white, their vision clouded by their ideology."

So in my quest to have a clearer picture and see just what the local left actually believes in, I would like Mr. Lefty who has never been shy in expressing his views to answer the following questions with a yes/no or a more detailed response if he chooses. I ask that Mr. Lefty be given the chance to express his views before any others comment. Thanks....So Mr. Lefty-

(1) Do you believe that Muslim terrorism is a threat to the world- specifically Israel, the USA and Australia, and if you do - just how much of threat?

(2) Do you believe that the attacks on the WTC in New York were actually done by al-Queda or the CIA, or Castro, or Israel or some other group?

(3) Do you believe that the Holocaust actually happened?

(4) As I commented last year, our next-door neighbor Indonesia, is populated by some 230 million Muslims. Indonesia has a very shaky and corrupt government that could be overthrown in a coup at any time by Muslim extremists who are already attempting to impose Sharia law on it's hapless citizens. In the event of a coup these religious psychopaths would occupy territory, (West Papua) just over 100 nautical miles off the northern tip of the Australian mainland. An Islamic terrorist group, Laskar Jihad, had already sent more than 100 of its armed fighters into the Papua district of Fak Fak. The Australian army can not field even two divisions for more than six months in any overseas deployment such as PNG or anywhere else for that matter, as the Australian army with it's miniscule 25,000 troops would only have 15,000 max. troops who could actually pull a trigger without using all the cooks, drivers and clerks etc. so they could not realistically take on a massive Indonesia army of religious fanatics who are willing to die for Allah.

My question to Mr Lefty is. As it's only a matter of time before we will be engaged in fighting in West Papua and /or if China in it's desperate need for raw materials were to start clearing out the last of the rainforests of say nearby PNG, or wiping out our fishing grounds, or drilling for oil in the Australian Antarctic Territory,- do you think we should call on the US to help, or do we bravely go it alone with our massive military (to show those Yanks) as the Labor Party is crying out for - in other words, do you support the Australian American Alliance?

(5) Do you support leftist groups who want to shut down the Australian /American intelligence facility at Pine Gap - the primary source of intelligence for attacks on Australia or it's interests and armed forces overseas?

(6) A recent poll taken in Australia showed that around 50% of Australians preferred the ongoing abuser of civil rights, the seller of human (prisoners) body parts, and wholesale mass murdering regime of Communist China over the United States. This is thanks mostly to the hate America campaign of those Marxist vipers at the ABC, SBS, the Fairfax Press and the various teachers unions. Keeping in mind that you, Mr. Lefty, those anti-American vipers, and the rest of Australia, indeed the entire free world, after 60 years are still being kept nice and safe thanks to the military might of the USA with their nuclear weapons - yet these are the very weapons that the left believes the United States should relinquish.

The question is- do you too Mr. Lefty prefer and trust Red China over the USA?(7) Leftists who seem to hate the US so much that they can overlook the very real possibility of being vaporised have been writing to newspapers saying how unfair for the US and Australia to be criticising Iran and North Korea in their quest for nukes. Do you Mr. Lefty believe that the US and the West should allow these rabid western hating nations to develop their nukes? And do you believe that the left is correct in their demands that the US and the other western countries give up their nuclear arsenals first, and then trust that a nuclear Iran, North Korea, Islamic Pakistan, and Russia and others western haters to give up their's?

(8) During WWII, Australian communist wharfies refused to load ships transporting supplies for our Diggers and US troops in New Guinea who were battling a potential brutal invasion of Australia because Russia at the time had and non-aggression pact with Japan. These Communist wharfies were also stealing the troops personal items and essential war materials; Do you sympathise with those wharfies and believe their cause was just?

(9) I believe that John Howard is probably the best prime minister that this country has ever had. The economy is going gangbusters and his government has paid off the massive $96 billion debt that the Labor Party had left us, where housing interest rates were at 17% to now -what... 5-6 %? and unemployment is a third of what is was under Labor. Knowing that, what would your order of preference be if you were to vote today with the following candidates and why - John Howard -Kim Beazley- Mark Latham - Simon Crean- Paul Keating?

(10) As I'm aware the very concept of "the enemy" is alien to the non-judgment multicultural mind: There are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven't yet accommodated. ....Mark Steyn.

The left is sold on multiculturism and today we are paying for this absurd idea that all cultures are equal. Third world migrants don't do all the crime but Lebanese Muslim and Vietnamese gangs do almost all of the most violent ones. They introduced the knife, sword and machete culture into our society and they run the majority of the drug trade, prostitution, kidnappings, car theft, re-berthing, home invasions, ram raids, standover crimes, muggings, stabbings, murder, welfare fraud and the list goes on.Dr Richard Basham said "Organised crime, drugs, gangs, extortion, tax evasion, fraud, these have now reached a level where they are damaging the national economy. What has happened at Cabramatta (or Bankstown) is just the tip of the iceberg but it often seems that anyone who dares to talk about Asian (or Muslim) crime in this country is shouted down as a racist."

So Mr. Lefty do you think that multiculture has been a success? And do you think that third world immigrants should still be allowed to come here regardless of their country of origin, or do you think we should be more selective in order to protect your fellow citizens which of course include your loved ones- keeping in mind that local Islamic cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika wanted to kill 1000 Australians to "please Allah" also keeping in mind that your kid could be a victim of ethnic violence - like being stabbed for a mobile phone, or if a female - an "Aussie pig/slut " be a target of ethnic pack rape.(11) If there is a socialist paradise on this planet it is Sweden. Sweden is already a banana republic, perhaps on it’s way to becoming an Islamic republic. Swedish culture is disappearing with astonishing speed in front of our eyes. If the trend isn't stopped, the Swedish nation will simply cease to exist in any meaningful way during the first half of this century. The country that gave us Bergman, ABBA and Volvo could become known as the Bosnia of northern Europe. The "Swedish model" will no longer refer to a stable and peaceful state with an advanced economy, but an Eurabian horror story of utopian multiculturalism, socialist mismanagement and runaway immigration. Sweden has national elections in 2006. This will be one of the last opportunities the country has to resolve its towering internal tensions in peaceful and civilized ways. Some fear it's already too late. As we see below:

.....The Gates of Vienna

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the Swedish government, said during a radio debate: "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us."

The PC Swedes and Norwegians in only twenty or so years may well be a minority in their own country thanks to the very large families that immigrant Muslims are having. Do you think that this is good for Swedes and Norwegians to be a minority in their own country, or do you think that this is one hell of a mistake as these immigrants are now demanding special laws and exceptions be made relative to their culture and religion? And of course when the Muslims do have a majority the Swedes and Norwegians will not have a choice, so Sweden and Norway will be in effect a "Muslim" countries. Do you think that this will be good for Sweden and Norway and the rest of the world because Sweden and Norway are not alone in this situation as other European countries,( which some now call Eurabia) are following Sweden's and Norway's PC multicultural pursuits, and as we have seen from British born Muslims, these Muslims have absolutely no allegiance to the country they were born in, educated by and cared for- but they will die...for Islam.

(12) A rhetorical question. Terrorists now occupy West Papua and they have been sending suicide bombers into Australian cities and towns, where for years they have been killing and maiming innocent teenagers in dance halls and families in restaurants. They have kidnapped Australian soldiers and are launching missiles as they have been doing for years, only now they have stepped up the quantity and the range where they can now reach into Australian port cities that contain huge petroleum and LPG storage tanks, which if these tanks exploded would take out large portions of the city killing thousands of your fellow leftists and other citizens, men, women and children.

Now would you want the PM to send in our armed forces to retaliate with just enough force to let them know we are not happy campers, but enable the butchers to keep on- business as usual, or would you want our armed forces to make sure that these bastards infrastructure, their command headquarters, missile storage areas and their supply lines were cut and as many terrorists be killed as possible so that your country with your family and friends would not be under the daily threat from these psychopaths for a while?

(13) Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have gained or retained their freedom and prospered under American might, but there will always be those who will keep whining and blaming America for the world's ills- as in the case of the Germans who want to deflect their responsibility for two world wars and the crimes against humanity they perpetrated. And let's not forget those other American haters, the French - who oppose and undermine every one of America's endeavours for solutions for the world's many ongoing crisis's at every opportunity. We know that the pathetic French still harbour delusions of glory. (It really has none for which it of course blames the Americans) US General George Patton said "I would rather have two German divisions in front of me, than a French division behind me." and we sure know why! We know that the French were responsible for the start of the Vietnam War and are lying hypocrites who sold huge quantities of illegal arms to groups fighting US (and Australian) troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the large numbers of US troops who fell on the beaches of Normandy and lie in fields all across France, having fought twice to liberate France from their now good friends the Germans.

Ah the Germans! After defeating them the Americans generously opened up their US markets to them, helped rebuild, feed and protected them during the cold war until thanks to US President Ronald Reagan the wall was finally torn down allowing East and West Germany to be united. Are the Germans or the French grateful?.. Hell no... In fact they hate America and so do almost all of those nations that were under the murderous oppressive yoke of the Nazis and then the Soviet Union.The American haters most vociferous have themselves been supporters of, or apologists for dictatorial regimes.

Today the US faces a complicated challenge. It has been attacked by a fanatical movement whose goals are not an equitable settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the total liquidation of Israel, and of all Jews and Christians, and the creation of Islamic theocratic dictatorships worldwide-but the American haters can't see it - their "Great Satan" is the USA and they are blind to see the most dangerous threat to this planet than even the two world wars, yet they criticise Israelis and Americans when they step outside wars" Marquis of Queensbury" rules. It's OK for the terrorists to actually target civilians using anything to kill men, women and children, but the Israelis and Americans who take great care not to harm civilians are labeled "murderers".

When has the left ever demonstrated against murderous tyrants or fanatical regimes such as North Korea or Zimbabwe where their exulted leaders are starving millions of innocent people to death? Hey no time for that when they can protest against the Mickey Mouse "torture" in America's detention centers, where those civilian killers fighting against the west get visits from the Red Cross, are well fed and receive good medical care.

Envious nations of the world sneer and denigrate those "stupid Americans, but as Ted Kaczynsky wrote "Leftists hate America because it is good and successful" These nations are all members of the UN which itself is a bureaucratic swamp of corruption and mismanagement. Former UN Chief Boutros-Ghali estimated that half the aid money is often lost or stolen and dozens of agencies duplicate efforts. The UN has hardly achieved a single thing when not being led by the US. Most it's anti American members live under the protection of the United States but make no attempt to pay for or otherwise assume their fair share of the burden. Most of these countries have achieved next to zero in the last century in the advance of human knowledge or safeguarding us from our enemies. These "Stupid Americans" have by far the world's strongest economy and military, and have invented practically every thing that makes modern life so much better, more comfortable and safer - from jeans to jazz, electric lights to transistors, internet to GPS, and of course all the lifesaving devices and drugs and surgical procedures that have or will save your life Mr. Lefty.

While the US has landed men on the moon as far back as 1969 and will send them to Mars, European countries have yet to achieve hardly anything relative to space exploration, except launch a few probes that generally miss their target. . So if these Americans are stupid -then there should be more stupidity in the world.

Take any country off this planet and it would hardly be missed. Take away the USA and this world would overnight spin out of control, with rogue states destabilising the world order and not one country around that could stop them. If you don't believe that Mr. Lefty - I ask just which country would be able to restore order in the world - France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan the UN (joke) ?

And do you think as the US is actually carrying the burden of defending the free world that it is right for those being defended to protest against the US, especially in light of that they are not protesting against the very people who really want to kill and/or impose Sharia Law on us?

(14) Mr. Lefty-What are your feelings regarding the USA, by default being the "worlds policeman" as no other country can step up to the thankless job? Do you believe the leftist rants that "it's all about oil" and/ or "American imperialism" or do you think the US deserves credit and thanks for being the glue that has kept this very dangerous world mostly on track for the last 60 years? I might point out that if the US doesn't keep the worlds supply of oil running, the stock market in every country on this planet will crash bringing a disastrous depression, then not only will you Mr. Lefty, most probably lose your job, but your car and your house as well.Anyway Mr. Lefty, here is the opportunity to make your case for the left...


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