Damned if you do, damned...

Many on the left are whining that Israel's response to terrorist attacks has been disproportionate. But will they, just shut up when Israel tries harder to avoid civilians, you know try to be more proportionate as everyone is moaning that they are not?
British Foreign Minister Margaret Becket criticised the United States on Thursday for failing to follow procedures for international arms shipments after a US plane carrying a shipment of "smart bombs" for Israel stopped for refueling at Scotland's Prestwick Airport, Sky News reported. The foreign secretary said that it appeared that safety regulations had not been observed.

The New York Times [and we know how patriotic they are] reported Saturday that the decision to rush the shipment was reached after little debate within the administration. The "smart bombs" - bombs which are equipped with precision guidance devises, are part of an arms deal reached months ago between Israel and the US, but the fighting in Lebanon led Israel to ask for an expedited delivery of the bombs, before the agreed scheduled of supply.

An American - Islamic group - Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) called on the Bush administration to stop the deal, saying that the rush delivery at a time of war would be "unconscionable."
Haven't these fools heard, the smart bombs have better targeting technology; you know to kill the bad guys and leave out the civilians. Would they prefer a Hizbullah style firing of missiles and bombings in the 'general direction' of Lebanon?

So why still, the whining? Is this an admission by the apologists that the terrorist scum freedom fighters are fighting from within the civilian population, using them as human shields and nothing can save the few civilians caught in the cross fire, no matter how hard Israel tries.

Perhaps, they don't really give a toss about the civilians, that's all just point scoring, perhaps what these weasels want is for Israel to stop thrashing their terrorist allies and instead extend the hand of cowardice, talk and waffle for a while, to give their allies time to rearm, regroup and recover from the hammers of hell, or lie down and die like good little...

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