"The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold..."

The West is going to lose the war against Islam. (not "radical Islam'--there's no such thing, merely Islam, with it's shock troops and vast body of enablers, apologists and financiers).
We're going to lose it for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that we don't have the stomach for this fight. We've become soft and complacent, expecting others to do the dirty work for us.
Even if we had the necessary resolve and resources militarily, the Left and the intellectual classes, together with a leftist media would make the effective deployment of those resources impossible.
The left, deprived of their utopian Marxist paradise on earth- the utopia that was supposed to supplant religion-have turned their frustration and hatred towards their own societies. ANY ideology that is opposed to the Western democratic way of life is embraced by them, to feed their nihilistic rage at the loss of their utopian vision.
The media are complicit in this. Any setback for the West is a source of barely-concealed glee for the so-sophisticated moulders of public opinion. These people have nothing but contempt for values such as patriotism, fidelity,courage. Those things are so--you know--yesterday. They know better. We simpletons are to be led, guided, lectured, hectored...and if those things don't work, well.... just lied to.
Yet these superior beings, the tenured professors and media "stars" seem utterly incapable of making the connection between the society they hold in such enormous contempt and their own comfortable lifestyles. Even as a Fisk lectures us about the evils of the West he's happy to ride first class in a Boeing 747.
The logical disconnect is total. And surely lethal.
Because wars cannot be won by armies alone any more. In a democracy, at least a slim majority of the population must be behind the war, must view it as just and necessary. Which is as it should be and no problem, right?
Wrong. In Western democracies there's a pair of enormously powerful, unelected forces at play. (leaving aside business interests, because I'm lazy and that's a can of worms I'm neither qualified nor inclined to open)
The pair are the academy and the media.
Western intellectuals, from professors to high-school teachers (if schoolteachers can be fairly classed as "intellectual", something I doubt after talking to a great many of them) are overwhelmingly leftist.They've been dripping the slow poison of moral relativity and pc rubbish into the minds of impressionable kids for several generations now and it shows. It sure as hell shows.
We have kids now who are too ignorant of history and the world around them to know just how dangerously ignorant they are. And ignorant means easily manipulated by the opinion-shapers of the media.
Our enemies suffer no such limitations. No matter how ignorant of history and the world, they have faith. A burning, pig-ignorant faith in their cause, a faith so strong and filled with hatred that blowing up a bus full of schoolchildren is both a political statement and a source of religous ecstasy.
No F16 or Carrier Battle Group used "proportionately" can counter that. And there are at least a billion Muslims........
To counter that kind of fanaticism, the West would have to take off the gloves, tell the Supreme Court to take a flying leap and stick their "rights" for terrorists up their collective asses and nuke at least one Middle-Eastern country as an example to the rest. Then occupy-brutally-the oil producing countries and take the oil at the point of a gun. Telling Russia, China and probably France that there are plenty more nukes where that one came from, should they be tempted to interfere.
Of course, the West won't do it. Yet anything less--any talk of establishing democracy in the cesspit that is the Middle East, any "peace plans", any attempt at an accommodation with Islam will fail.
We are looking at the end days of the West. The end of a beautiful, noble enterprise.
"Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoset"

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