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Look at this little nest of Marxists I bungled my way into. I was reading, over at the Jawa Report about how the Indians are banning websites (because they preach messages of religious hatred) to appease certain peoples there. No no, put those machetes and petrol bombs back you militant Christians, no one would ban any insult to the Christians, I mean what the hell have they done for this planet, right. At the time I remembered, that in recent elections in India, leftist and socialist parties won more support from the people than previously, and perhaps this would explain this new appeasement by the Indians, so I went searching (googling), as you would and after much scratching around, I found an article at 'Political Affairs Magazine' confirming my memory.

But coming back to this nest of Marxists, it looks like a global version of the Green left weekly or something. I found this rant on it, I won't bother to argue with the contents, apart from saying most of it is incorrect. You can make up your own mind; I'll just make a few additions where necessary. Please ensure you have lots of tissues to control the weeping and bleeding from the sternum area.
Indeed, as Israel, with Bush's blessing, expands its initial militaristic bullying [mean Zionists] of Gaza into a full-scale invasion of Lebanon, with daily escalation of the violence threatening to ignite the whole Middle East, a version of Oliver Hardy’s famous line springs readily to mind: "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten us into."

It is clear by the ease and speed with which Israel's military moved systematically into Gaza, destroying the basic infrastructure of that hemmed-in captive community of a million impoverished human beings [how many billions in aid, never mind, just start wailing], that this had nothing to do with "rescuing" a "kidnapped" soldier, and everything with attempting to destroy the elected government of the nascent Palestinian state. Israel initiated this act of aggression [mean Zionists] after weeks of rocket and shelling attacks against the territory--including one which killed eight members of a family on a beach outing [Didn't a subsequent inquiry... no no inconvenient facts]--all of which provocation took place without any criticism from the U.S.

Apparently the Stan Laurel [I'm surprised they didn't just go for Bushitler] impersonator in the White House, with his biblical [those christians again] megalomania and his self-delusional neo-con [don't forget the zionist cabal] advisors seems to think all this is a good thing. The president has had not a word of criticism to offer for Israel's blitzkrieg [again, I'm surprised they did not mention 'Nazi' or 'Genocide'], and is content to take a historic conflict of national, ethnic and tribal dimensions and cram it into his simplistic [oh that bungling.. just bring us the flowcharts and soft powers] "us-against-the-terrorists" dogma.

In the Bush worldview, bombing crowded urban areas by air and howitzer [mean Zionists] is "legitimate national defense," while capturing Israeli soldiers and firing small, unguided [like hail stones] rockets back at Israeli territory is "terrorism."
I'll stop before you drift off to sleep, more here

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