I plead Guilty

Towards the end of last week, as the news broke about Australian, Asaf Namer, who was killed while fighting for the Israeli Army. Some callers were accusing people [commentators and the public] of having double standards, because some criticised Lebanese Australians for their dual citizenship and yet failed to criticise Namer for being an Australian, serving in the army of another country.

Perhaps the following might explain the supposed double standard.
A Sydney synagogue came under attack last night when a block of cement was hurled through the glass doors of an attached residence and the windows of two cars on the property were smashed, police say.

The attack happened at the Parramatta and District Synagogue on Victoria Street, Parramatta, about 9.10pm. Police are investigating the possibility that the attack was religiously motivated.

A group of about ten men, described by police as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance, were seen by witnesses laughing and running north along Mason Street.
When last did we hear of vandalism or crime being committed with reports of men of Jewish appearance giggling and fleeing into the night? Next, the protest for peace.
TWO men were charged last night with obstructing police and assault in violent clashes with police and the Prime Minister's vehicle as it tried to leave a Liberal party conference.

Protesters kicked, punched and fired projectiles at John Howard's car today after the prime minister, who has been supportive of Israel, emerged from a Liberal Party conference in Perth.

Mr Howard had used his conference speech to attack Hezbollah, which is fighting Israel in southern Lebanon. "It's not some kind of inspirational liberation organisation, it's a terrorist organisation," he said.

As the prime minister departed, the protesters surged towards his car, demanding an end to the war which has killed hundreds of civilians.

"We want peace,'' they chanted as they mobbed Mr Howard's vehicle.
When last did we hear of Jewish protesters violently demanding peace, when last did we hear of a politician/leader being mobbed by angry Jews violently demanding he grab an M-16 and board a black hawk, for peace!!

And this is what they do to those on their side. Have they missed the moaning and whining by Kofi and his band of apologists, I don’t think so?
Palestinians stormed a UN compound on Sunday during a protest against Israeli airstrikes and the deaths of dozens of civilians in Kana, Lebanon, and security officials fired into the air to disperse them.

The protesters smashed windows of the UNSCO building with rocks after marching through Gaza City in the demonstration. At least seven people were wounded, including four policemen, officials at the Al-Quds and Shifa hospitals said. Five of the injured were hit by rocks and the other two by ricochets from the gunfire, the officials said.

The protesters - who were waving Lebanese and Hizbullah flags, and burning UN flags - quickly dispersed when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ordered Presidential Guards and Palestinian police to close the compound.
Coming back to the lack of criticism of Namer, apart from the fact he wasn’t shouting hysterically for “bloody John Howard” to send a destroyer because he paid his taxes, this is what we see and agree with, Danny Morgenstern, uncle of Asaf Namer speaking at his funeral.

"Asaf, you were told not to be a hero but you were courageous and wanted to fight for the safety of the Israeli people. You were killed because you were defending others."

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