Suicide Attack On Canadian Troops

Two more Canadian soldiers have been killed in the war on terror in Afghanistan. Dead are Cpl. Francisco Gomez, 44, of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, based in Edmonton, and Cpl. Jason Patrick Warren, 29, of the Black Watch, the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada, based in Montreal.
Two Canadian soldiers were killed and eight wounded Saturday when their convoy was hit by the first of two suicide bombings near Kandahar City.

In the first blast, a Canadian Forces Bison armoured vehicle was rammed by a car packed with explosives.

The Bison was at the tail end of a convoy of Canadians that was heading back to Kandahar Air Field following a gruelling two weeks of fighting.

Then, about an hour later, a suicide bomber walked into a crowd and detonated a body pack filled with explosives, killing and wounding scores of civilians who had gathered in the area.
I realize that words are cheap and that it's easy for me to speak from the safety of my comfortable surroundings but to those who would hold a nation and its people hostage I say this: Do not think for one moment that we will waiver. Canada and its proud military are committed to ridding Afghanistan of the vermin that currently infests it. With each attack on us we become more resolved and determined. The people of Afghanistan have the right to live in peace. They have the right to enjoy some type of normal life. They have their own hopes and dreams and the Canadian Forces, along with our allies, are determined to help them realize their goals. The Taliban and al-Qaeda and those who support them are the lowest of the low. They are vile evil creatures who will be exterminated.

To the families of the soldiers killed and wounded I express my deepest condolences. Know that your sons and daughters are doing the right thing and that they do so proudly. It may be of little comfort to you as you grieve but we are so proud of them. They are true heroes.

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