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It wasn't me, I didn't do it, I wasn't there, you're lying, no, I want my lawyer, I'm not talking .... they made me, I didn't mean to, the money, the blood, can we make a deal?

The IDF presented a weapon seized during fighting with Hizbullah operatives in Lebanon: an RPG marked with the logo of the Iranian military industry. Photo: IDF

Talk about bring some old butter knives to a fight involving, armoured tanks, apache gunships and fighter jets. I hope the peaceniks aren’t tired already; their terrorist allies will need a lot more marching, squealing and whining to save them from this angry lot.
Israel geared up to push its military forces deeper into Lebanon late Sunday night as ground troops took up positions outside their new target - the village of Bint Jubayl, branded the Hizbullah's "terror capital" in southern Lebanon. IDF sources estimated that Hizbullah had accumulated large quantities of weapons and missiles in the village, which they said would be raided as part of Operation Change of Direction launched July 12, following the abduction of two soldiers in a cross-border Hizbullah attack.

Bint Jubayl, the sources said, had become Hizbullah's main base of terror operations since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. The Shi'ite village served as a comfortable and sympathetic breeding ground, they said, for the Hizbullah.

Over the weekend however the IDF noticed that a large percentage of the village had begun to move to the north after IAF fighter jets distributed flyers warning residents there of the looming IDF raid. Sources said that only 20 percent of the 20,000 residents in the village remained alongside the Hizbullah fighters.
More of that disproportionate force isn’t it. I really admire Israel, her patience and compassion for the innocent seems limitless. I wonder how many flyers, warning the innocent of impending strikes, were distributed to the innocent from New York to Bali.
Meanwhile Sunday, the IDF said it planned to finish razing Hizbullah outposts along the border with Israel by the end of the week. The plan, officials said, was to create a one-km-security zone along the border and into Lebanon that would be off limits to Hizbullah guerillas. The IDF was also considering laying mines in the area.
I think it’s safe to say the military strategists in Hamas and Hizbullah have definitely been demoted, if not blown to bits already, talk about a gross miscalculation, this was supposed to be an easy grab-the-odd-Jew-and-exchange-him-for-a-thousand operation. Looks like they done opened the biggest can of whupass on the planet.

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