Get Him Gone

We need to stop playing around with these people, this mindset, this ideology:

Holocaust claims a 'Zionist lie'

THE nation's Islamic leader, Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, has dismissed the Holocaust as a "Zionist lie" in a series of fiery sermons in which he also lashed out at the West and the US-led occupation of Iraq.

And Sheik Hilali - the Mufti of Australia and a member of John Howard's Muslim Community Reference Group - also accuses the Government of being dishonest for claiming the anti-terrorism laws were not designed specifically for Muslims. "These laws are tailored to target us precisely."
I notice he didn’t mention in what ways, precisely. Classic projection.

Revelations that the nation's most senior Islamic cleric has been openly preaching extreme messages to his mainstream followers will be a major setback for the Howard Government.
A setback for the Howard Government? Are they kidding? I’d have called this a staggering setback for the Australian Muslim community.

Sheik Hilali is a senior member of the Prime Minister's Muslim advisory board. Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Andrew Robb will tomorrow unveil details of federal funding for national projects to help address problems within the Islamic community.
Seems the board might be a part of the problem.

This next part is another classic, though; a very clear and immediate plea to the Leftist MSM to come dig him out:

Last night, the mufti stood by his sermons: "We are always saddened and always remember with great sorrow what Nazism did to the Jewish people," he said in a statement.

"However, [forget what I just said because this is what I really believe - Ed.] we do not wish to see these crimes repeated by other hands. "Some who see themselves as supporters of Israel do abuse the Holocaust whenever Israel is engaged in its indefensible wars and crimes against humanity.
I won't even bother with his qualification. To compare the Nazi's actions in Europe to Israel's actions - well - ever - is an insult to the intelligence. Then, of course, we must take note of this:

In a February sermon, Sheik Hilali attacked the Western press for being afraid to admit that the Holocaust was "a ploy made by the Zionists".
A ploy. Got that?

He also trivialised the number of Jews killed by the Nazis. "What's that six million all about? Is there six million?", said the Egyptian-born cleric.
He’s not ‘trivialising’ the number – he’s openly questioning it. For anyone prepared to do the math, based on the number of death camps Germany had operating around Europe by the end of WWII (forget the famous names you’ve read about - there were literally hundreds of them), six million exterminated (and that’s just the Jews) is an entirely realistic figure. In fact, I suspect the final figure, when one considers operations such as the Einzatsgruppen, may actually have been much, much higher.

I would like to see this man go back to Egypt. Tarred and feathered might make a nice touch.

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