Good to see that ties between Germany and the US are improving, no doubt Schroeder's pandering to the left didn't help, here's to hoping for a prosperous future between the two nations.
US President George W Bush is in Germany for his first visit since Chancellor Angela Merkel took office last autumn. The fact that President Bush has been invited to meet Mrs Merkel in her parliamentary constituency around the coastal town of Stralsund in east Germany, is being seen as a sign of the close personal relationship between the two leaders.

Mrs Merkel has already travelled to Washington twice this year to meet the US president. Mr Bush appears to be fascinated by Chancellor Merkel's background - how she grew up in the former communist east Germany, and how she entered politics after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

For President Bush, Angela Merkel seems to embody his much-vaunted views on freedom and democracy.
Mocks he, safe and sound from car bombs, throat slitters and religious police.
"The US is the most important partner for Germany, apart from the EU," said Karsten Voigt, the German-American co-ordinator at the German foreign ministry.
Offcourse there will be the usual protests from left wing freedom haters, Bush lied, Saddam good, America bad, healthcare for Zarqawi, rights for Osama etc, but one would have thought elected politicians would have more important issues to raise with the Americans. For example, Mr. Bush how can we get more of your American citizens to buy more BMWs and Audi's, one of us had this wild idea that if we sell more of said vehicles, profits will go up, workers will get paid more and they being our constituents will be happier.
Chancellor Merkel is, however, constrained by her Social Democrat partners in the coalition government, and some SPD politicians have urged her to ask President Bush to give a specific date as to when the US will close Guantanamo Bay.
So their most important issue is the closure of a terrorist holding facility, I wonder if any of these paper pushers will be summoning in diplomats and leaders from Zimbabwe, N. Korea, China or Burma to demand and end to the ill-treatment of political prisoners in these countries.

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