Israelis cut the route to Iran

ISRAELI fighter jets have destroyed the main road linking Lebanon to Syria and pounded the Hezbollah heartland in the south of Beirut in a bid to stop militants smuggling two captured soldiers to Iran.

Rockets continued to barrage Israel's northern towns and cities from Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon, with two reaching the port city of Haifa, more than 30km from where they were launched.

Hezbollah, which launched 85 rockets on Thursday, claimed it had developed rockets that could reach all corners of Israel.

Jet fighters dropped leaflets over central Beirut warning Lebanese civilians that Hezbollah was leading them to ruin.

Of course, to our bevy of Leftist trolls (and the unbelievable idiots in question know precisely who they are), Israel’s action to take out infrastructure in order to pressure the handover of kidnapped Israeli soldiers (let’s not even get onto the topic of their shipment to Iran) equates to this:

And this:

And this:

This is what far too many in the region would like to see happen again, and to the very same people. In fact, they’ve even said so. And we don’t even have to point to the last forty years to understand why. The Arabs loved Hitler way back when Israel was little more than a twinkle in the Jewish eye.

As far as the trolls in question are concerned, however, the hysterical attempt to equate Israel’s collateral reaction now to the attempted extermination of an entire race is quite simply a blind; an excuse for any excess the Arabs might try to unleash (and their model has been established - all right there in black and white).

The Zionists clearly have it coming! It's a holocaust they're unleashing, doncha know.

You people are grotesque.

Update: this article sums things up rather well, I think.

Eleven months ago, Israel withdrew from every last inch of the Gaza Strip. They dismantled all military bases, turned over functioning greenhouses that could employ 4,000 people, expelled all 7,500 Israeli settlers at a huge financial and political cost and declared the lines that divide Israel from Gaza to be an international frontier, making Gaza the first independent Palestinian territory ever.

Everyone's expectation was that the Palestinians, so treated, would show the world what they could achieve with freedom. Alas, they have shown all too well. Not one day of peace has followed.
And that, as they say, is pretty much that.

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