Cut em loose

Some of you may remember I offered some free advice to the Democrats in the US, cut loose the far left, the anti-war activists, greens, hippies etc; I now offer the same advice to Beazley, if he wants to win votes, cut loose the same far left, anti-war activists, the eco terrorists, the greens, add to that the unions.

Beazley has angered the left of the left and the left of the right, in the ALP [I won't even start on the Greens], with his switch on the Uranium mine policy, but he needs to also change his Iraq policy of hanging the Iraqis out to dry, and more importantly the Unions.

Last month he really shot himself in the foot by stating he would tear up the IR laws. Granted at the time, it sounded like a good idea, with all those ads running in the media, about workers booted out of work, fired by sms and a general picture of families being thrown out onto the scrap heap. At the time [and probably still are] the Howard haters were predicting the end of Australia, we would all just be shackled together by our wicked bosses and beaten daily, stale bread scraps thrown our way once a month, the economy would be in ruins and it was all the fault of the Howard dictatorship.

He should have paid attention when ACTU Secretary Greg Combet expressed the desire for the unions to run the country, the previous day. Now it's only going to get worse.
THE federal workplace watchdog yesterday savaged union boss Greg Combet, claiming he was to blame for the embarrassment of workers caught up in the ACTU's discredited television campaign. Office of Workplace Services director Nick Wilson fired back at Mr Combet yesterday after the union heavy hit the airwaves to accuse him of doing the Government's "dirty work".

The brawl erupted after The Daily Telegraph revealed an OWS investigation into five workers starring in the commercials found they would have been out of work regardless of the Government's new workplace laws.

"The ACTU that dragged these individuals into the spotlight, not the OWS," Mr Wilson said. "ACTU secretary Mr Greg Combet should take responsibility for any hurt caused by the public comment that has arisen."

In a rare public outburst, Mr Wilson also shot down Mr Combet's repeated claims on radio yesterday that his office had never contacted workers whose cases were being investigated.

One of the workers Mr Combet said had not been contacted by the OWS, Lynne Barnes, claimed she was sacked from Windsor RSL because of her age. The OWS found Ms Barnes refused to do some duties in her job description – then resigned with a generous payout.

"Mr Combet's allegations made in the media today that the OWS did not contact Ms Barnes are false – we held several interviews with Ms Barnes as part of our investigations," Mr Wilson said.

Mr Combet claimed the OWS was "politically motivated".
Hmmm, pot insisting kettle...
Opposition Leader Kim Beazley yesterday accused the Federal Government of leaking the independent watchdog's findings and said Prime Minister John Howard was using his "secret police" to smear workers.
No Kim, the secret police are just bringing us the truth while you are scoring cheap points. Cut em loose Kim, you know you have to.

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