That's big government for you - A SCHOOL with just one pupil for 2010 has been given a $140,000 government grant to build a covered playground - even though it already has a new one. Another $110,000 grant from the Rudd Government's $14.7 billion education stimulus package will be used for classroom refurbishment at tiny The Lagoon Public School, 20km from Bathurst in New South Wales central west. But even locals say it is a shocking waste of money.
They never earned that money, they stole that money from those of us who worked for it, so why should some closet-socialist give a shit how that money is spent or if it's going to the right school. I'm not even going to bother railing anymore about how incompetent this leftist government is, in fact I don't give a shit how much money they spend or piss away down the toilet. In fact, just take a couple of million dollars and chuck it into the sea, it won't make any damn difference.

And I'll tell you why, you ask the people out there who vote, the ones who work, what they want from government and very few of them will tell you they won't want big government, very few will tell you that the lot of these parasites need to be sacked and government-running of most things ought to be rejected. You see, for most people out there, they're not looking for less government, they're just looking for more efficient big-government.

The fact that this is simply not possible is irrelevant to them and therein lies the problem. It's like someone asking you to build a car and giving you 5 seats to put in it and then insanely insisting that 20 people must be able to sit comfortably in there. This is the government enough of us want and the rest of us have to choke down.

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