Obama Rushes to Impose Government Health Care

The Obama is really pushing for universal health care similar to plans offered in Canada, France and Great Britain. After all, those other plans work so well, having managed to achieve cancer mortality rates that are much higher than in the US. Democrats claim that the new system will pay for itself and result in reduced costs, claims which now result in howls of laughter when politicians repeat them to the general public. (Of course it is cheaper to refuse to treat people for expensive illnesses, and more dead people will result in less man made CO2 thus helping to save the planet from global warming. The Democrats must see this as a win–win situation, but I digress.) Obama also claims that people can keep their existing coverage if they wish. However, just 16 pages into the 1000+ page bill the legislation prohibits insurance companies from enrolling new members after the bill enters into force. Usually, in a free market when a business is unable to attract new clients it means the company will soon go out of business (I give them a year or two at most. Obama probably thinks the insurance companies can print their own money to cover the cost, since that is his administration’s business model.) Not surprisingly Obama admitted that he was unfamiliar with what was actually in the legislation (Why should he read it if Congress won’t? And I have to admit, I haven’t got all the way through it yet either. Why should I read it? Obama says its good.).

Many people will likely loose their private coverage soon after the legislation takes affect. Why? Because private health plans often provide coverage for dependants only if coverage is not available else where. Since Universal health care would be available for “free” (only the Government and the really dense believe a $1 Trillion health care plan is “free”), dependants would be immediately dropped because the health care is now available to everyone.

Universal Health Care programs don’t work well anywhere they have been tried and result in all sorts of horror stories (such as people losing limbs and lives while they wait years for operations that could be obtained in weeks in the private sector) and higher costs along with higher taxes to pay for it. The Government is the reason for this, but many people don’t believe it because the left has taught them to think that the government can solve all our problems. For those people, here is a chart developed by the Republicans in Congress (GOP Health Care Website) showing the top level bureaucracy for Obama’s Health Care plan (the democrats are not happy about the chart).

(Courtesy of Hotair.com) Keep in mind that most of those boxes will have their own even more complicated bureaucracies. I hope this helps to clarify why government health care doesn’t work and costs so much more.

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