Nanny-state trumps over safety - THE New South Wales Government is offloading police stations in a fire sale of public land to fill dwindling coffers. Nine police stations and another 200 buildings and parcels of land, including the Sydney Fish Markets, are now under the control of the Government's real estate agent. Residents of Rockdale, Malabar, Mosman, Berowra and Brooklyn are angry they are being robbed of their police stations despite 20 murders in five years across those areas.

The Police Association said yesterday Earlwood, Canterbury, Mt Victoria and Blackheath were also in the sights of a Government desperate to sell $12 million worth of police stations. Opposition finance spokesman Greg Pearce said it was the start of a massive $350 million sell-off of everything from schools and nursing homes to sports venues. ......A group in Malabar called Save Our Station staged a rally on Sunday and collected 4400 signatures on a petition in a last-ditch bid to save their station.

Domestic attacks are up 7.4 per cent in the area, there have been 10 murders in five years and ecstasy possession has soared from 14 offences five years ago to 83 last year. "We are currently dealing with vandalism, graffiti and anti-social behaviour. How can they sell this station?" group organiser Carlos Da Rocha said.
This state government is broke, they have very few options, cut services and sell the farm off or raise taxes. The people of this state are not willing to give up the nanny state, we still want public health, subsidized transport, free this, free that and all the services that government apparently provides for free. We don't want to let go of any of that, we don't want to cough up extra taxes which is understandable, so we're going to have to suck it up and choke it down. The choices are bad and worse. Oh and don't bother looking for better government, we won't get that option for at least a few years, no matter how much we whine and scream.

The sad thing about this whole fiasco is that people will whine, protest, petition and all that to get their police stations back. This is all well and good if the leftist government we voted for can afford to keep them, which I doubt it will, but it still won't keep us safe. Having more police out there will help off course, but we are still not allowed the basic human-right to defend ourselves with arms, so unless you can saturate every corner with a copper, there will still be times when you're really just bare-assed and defenseless.

In a way we are getting what we deserve, when we gave up our right to bear arms and trampled upon the rights of others to bear arms we basically said, we don't want the responsibility to defend ourselves and we won't let anyone else take it on either. And so our liberty was taken away from us by the nanny state and now our safety is also taken away. So here we are, reduced to the state of frightened, whining toddlers unable to accept that we outsourced our security to those who don't really give a damn about us and now there is little recourse.

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