The limitless stupidity of leftist government

Daily Mail - British taxpayers are to provide £1million for a comfortable jail in Nigeria to take convicts whose crimes were committed in the UK. The prison would house 400 Nigerian inmates incarcerated in our own packed prisons who cannot be forcibly sent home to complete their punishments. Jails there are considered so rough that any prisoner the UK tried to deport could oppose their removal on human rights grounds.
No folks, it's not some sort of joke. No folks, I ain't pulling a fast one or a slow one for that matter. This is for real, these are illegals you see and they have committed crimes more than just sneaking over the border. The jails in the UK are full and the Brits can't kick these vermin onto the first boat/plane out of London because it would breach their human rights, yes really.

Now if they go ahead with this building of jails over in Nigeria and the like to house these criminals, there is no word in the article or assurance from the British government that these scumbags won't be brought back to Britain after serving their sentences. Now you might think that can't happen, if you do, you fool! You should know better, this is government and what's worse, it's leftist government. You have to get it in writing, a written contract with the punishment being death-by-stoning for breaking it.

And you have to make sure someone will monitor this and ensure compliance or again, death-by-stoning, otherwise you can never rest easy. You see the left will never run out of excuses to coddle criminals, especially the illegal, useless, dangerous kind. Before you start pounding the keyboard, wait, there's more.
Three years on from the mistaken release of 1,000 overseas inmates without them even being considered for deportation, almost two-thirds are still in the UK. Incredibly, 87 of the 1,000 convicts - who included killers and sex attackers - have yet to be even traced. Of those who have been located, only 348 have been deported or removed. The remainder have either been told they can stay - often because removal back to their homeland would be a breach of human rights law - or are still going through the deportation process.
And no one in Britain is allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves. The state takes care of safety and security for you, supposedly. And what a swell job they're doing aren't they.

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