Doing business with commies - CHINESE Government sources say President Hu Jintao personally endorsed the Ministry of State Security investigation into Rio Tinto that led to the detention of Australian iron ore executive Stern Hu and three staff. The investigation appears to be part of a big realignment of how China manages its economy, with spy and security agencies promoted to top strategy-making bodies, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

......The revelation comes as The Australian reports China has rebuffed the Rudd government and may force Australian officials to wait a further month for a second visit to Mr Hu. Senior Australian ministers have warned that China risked damaging its international trade relations over Mr Hu's arrest, with new reports emerged that Rio Tinto was seeking as much as $9 billion in compensation for breach of contracts from Chinese steel mills.

......Chinese-born Mr Hu, the head of Rio Tinto's iron ore operations in China, and three other senior company officials were arrested in Shanghai by secret police and have been detained for a week without charge or legal representation.

It's a warning that none of us ought to be surprised by or need. They've killed millions of their own in the name of ideology. They continue to murder their own in the thousands every year, what makes you think that just because some white fool from Australia can speak fluent mandarin or whatever that they'd think twice before throwing you in jail and disposing of you in any way they feel like.

If you got family over there, you best make plans to shove off, it's all well and good for western fools masquerading as leaders to prattle on about how connected they are with Beijing, but when it's your ass that chained to some wall in some cold dungeon eating shit-flavored noodles once a day, the aforementioned western fools can't do shit for you.

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