Some good news and a lot of bad news

Khaleej Times - Moldova’s pro-Western parties say they will forge an alliance after winning in parliamentary elections — a stinging setback to Europe’s last communist-run government. Near final results published early Thursday from a tightly contested parliamentary vote in the impoverished former Soviet republic gave four center-right opposition parties a lead over the Communist Party, which has ruled Moldova since 2001. With 98 percent of the vote counted, the opposition had 50.9 percent to the Communists’ 45.1 percent. The opposition will get another boost from three parties whose votes will be redistributed because they didn’t reach the 5 percent minimum needed to enter parliament.

It's always good news when commies lose, the more they lose, the better, the more they cry, the better as far as I'm concerned. But I'm afraid there is bad news on other fronts. Namely the religion of peace, love and tolerance; you see, while we're all busy singing 'kumbaya', 'we are the world' and all that, the muslims are busy doing what they do best. You know, engaging in that inner struggle against obesity!

FOX News - Troops shelled the compound of an Islamist sect blamed for days of violence in northern Nigeria then attacked its mosque, killing at least 100 militants in a fierce battle. Sect leader Mohammed Yusuf escaped along with about 300 followers but his deputy was killed in Wednesday night's bombardment, according to Army commander Maj. Gen. Saleh Maina. The army was conducting a house-to-house manhunt Thursday on the outskirts of Maiduguri for Yusuf and his followers.

Khaleej Times - At least 11 soldiers were killed on Wednesday in an ambush by Islamic extremists near Tipaza, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Algiers, news media in the Algerian capital reported Thursday.

Adnkronos - A convicted Tunisian former 'mujahideen' who fought on the side of local Muslims during the 1990s Bosnian war, has escaped from a Bosnian jail, local media reported on Wednesday. Karaj Kamel Bin Ali, known as 'Abu Hamza', didn't return to prison after he was granted a week's leave, Bosnian television reports said.

Khaleej Times - A Gaza man is being held on suspicion he bludgeoned his daughter with an iron chain, cracking her skull in a particularly brutal family ‘honor killing,’ two human rights groups said Wednesday, citing police and forensics reports. The assault was triggered by Jawdat Najjar’s discovery that his daughter Fadia — a 27-year-old divorced mother of five — owned a cell phone, the groups said. He suspected she used it to speak to a man outside the family, according to the groups’ reports.

And last but not least, the Hussein Obama administration is allowing the restrictions placed on muslim shoe-bomber Richard Reid to expire. Apparently attempting to blow up an airliner full of people is not reason enough to stop a scumbag like Reid from fraternizing with his fellow jihadists. This is effing America under Hussein Obama folks, terrorists have effing rights you know, so shut yer pie-holes and move it along sheeple.

I'm confused folks, just who is the bigger piece of traitorous crap, the one who tried to murder hundreds or the ones coddling him?

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